Intel will design PlayStation 4 GPU

Theinquirer: For the next generation of consoles, PS4, XBox3 and Wii2, it looks like Intel is in, Nvidia is out. The picture for their GPUs is starting to become clear.

Yeah, Intel won the PS4 GPU, no shock considering how much they needed a console win to get people coding for Larrabee. They can either convince companies to put in a code path for the chip in Big Budget Mediocre Sequel 7: Vengeance of the Farmland Creatures by sending people with wads of money and begging, or get a console win. They got a console win, and it was the right way to go.

Some people hanging around the Sony booth at CES were nice enough to let us in on the scoop. It seems Nvidia has proverbially bent Sony over like they did MS on the XBox, and are not really welcome there any more. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of guys, either way, but hardly an unexpected outcome.


Please note that this should be considered as "rumor". Not able to update since it's already approved.

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meepmoopmeep3482d ago

Cell 2.0?

there goes the planet

Chris3993482d ago

Just a massive processor with tonnes of threads and memory.

Whole new way to program, but that's where the future seems to be headed anyway.

Very cool.

Off to play the KZ2 demo now (just finished d/ling).


meepmoopmeep3482d ago

yeah, with government and science agencies currently using PS3's to do crazy stuff
Cell 2.0 will be the end of mankind as we know it!


uie4rhig3482d ago

sony should back out.. they should stick to either nVIDIA or ATi!! Intel has crappy GPU's not cool!!


meepmoopmeep3482d ago

my bad,

i read CPU not GPU

UltimateIdiot9113482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

Kind of offtopic but I still think skynet will be born from a gaming console.

I don't trust Intel with GPU. CPU fine but not so much on GPU especially those integrated graphic card.

IdleLeeSiuLung3482d ago

When was the last time Intel made a GPU capable of competing with nvidia or ATI?

I call this bogus story, why would a company seriously support an unsupported technology unless as the story says Sony was bought out after being bruised so badly with the ps3. Still Larrabee is unknown and somewhat unproven technology. Nvidia and ATI have spent decades making graphics cards.

y0haN3482d ago

Oh god, Intel GPUs.. hopefully they use another GPU+CPU coexisting environment or it's Xbox 720 for me.

Eddie201013482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

You have to take everything written on this site with a grain of salt. Two thirds of what they write is false or very misleading, Hence the name, The Inquirer.

Grandizer3482d ago

hopefully they will get an intel CPU as well and, like Apple before, rid themselves from IBM processors.

This would ease the work of developers a lot to work with familiar architecture and SONY could claim win for the next gen right now. (If they did not already)

Ghoul3482d ago


Intel GPU = Nvidia GPU

as intel bought nvidia long ago.
They have all te knowledge and ressources to make a incredible powerhouse.

Kushan3482d ago

Ghoul, Intel did NOT buy out nVidia, I'd love to know which hole you pulled that fact out of.
In fact, this whole thread is a bit light on the facts, rather fitting since the article is from the Inquirer.

To clear things up -
This is about a GPU, not a CPU. It has nothing to do with the CELL in that regard.
Intel is currently working on a discreet GPU codenamed "Larrabee", it's going to be competitive with the likes of Nvidia.
Larrabee's main function isn't actually a GPU, rather it's a very fast "co-processor" that can be programmed for a variety of tasks, including OpenGL and DirectX acceleration (i.e. a GPU). Ironically, modern GPUs from both nVidia and ATI/AMD work in much the same way, except in reverse (they were designed as GPUs first, then programmability came in a few generations later, allowing them to do more general tasks, such as Physics or protein folding simulations ala [email protected]).

The Inquirer frequently posts rumour and conjecture. Reading the article, they actually state "some randomers near a Sony booth told us Intel was making the PS4...". Take with a bucket full of salt.

Ghoul3482d ago

ups my bad i lost track of the planed takeover didnt notice it didnt happen in the end.

my bad

thats_just_prime3481d ago

Seem to be a lot of ps4 news lately is sony already gearing up of their next system ?

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games4fun3482d ago

even if intel messes up i already have a contingency plan...

just put 3or 4 current cell processors together like they are doing now for super computer by the time the ps4 rolls round the cells will be significantly smaller and cheaper to make.

_Q_3482d ago

Is a douchey retard. Utter failure? Where do we find these dumbasses.

Oner3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

I guess outselling your direct competitor over 2 years equates to a failure somehow to these misinformed & biased idiots...

Tempist3482d ago

This article is full of speculation and fail. If the PS3 is an utter failure as he suggests, then why would sony bother to produce a 4th console after not bothering to make a gain on the current one?

Intel has yet to prove themselves a good GPU maker. They need to do that first off paper before they bother being considered.

What's more than likely to happen with the PS4 is the inclusion of two current cell processors at lower speeds and probably at 32nm scale production. Lets face it, they sunk enough money into the cell production and it's a good processor and by PS4's release, familiarity with it's coding will be top notch.

Either way, we have many years to wait. It's not like the intergrated CPU+GPU did much for the 360.

The_Kills3482d ago

Honestly this sounds like nonsense. Where are the quotes and official words on this matter?

Ju3482d ago

If that's true, I wouldn't be surprised if they'll ditch the CELL, too (after all IBM sold "their" (CELLs) PPC core to MS - read that book. That is an eye opener). Can't imagine a IBM cpu and an GPU from IBMs arch rival Intel. I am not sure who owns the SPU patents, though. IBM only owns the PPU.

DJ3482d ago

IBM was able to provide the G5 Processor to both companies because it’s their design. Simple as that. Sure, STI (Sony-Toshiba-IBM) could sell the SPE architecture, but Cell’s individual components are pretty much worthless on their own.

To suggest that Sony would want to abandon Cell (and implying that Cell is somehow a bad chip) is very ill researched. Cell is a platform base, just as x86 and PowerPC are platform bases. This is why IBM was brought in to help in the first place. There’s a strong chip platform for general purpose tasks, such as PCs, but there have been no standard chip platforms for special purpose tasks.

This is why we’re seeing Cell used not just in the game industry, but in PCs, HDTVs, military projects, and even the medical industry for 3D imaging. STI will continue to expand and refine the Cell platform for probably the next fifteen years if they can.

robep33482d ago

The cell was a joint venture between IBM,SONY & TOSHIBA the concept was thought up by Sony,IBM did the design and some fab work by Toshiba iirc.


Ju3481d ago

I would recommend reading this book:

The Cells PPU was a complete new design based on some IBM PPC core. The guys who designed it worked on the G3 and the Power4. It was not a G5! It was not based on the Power4 or anything else. In fact, it was planed that the CELLs PPU would replace the G5. And when they started in 2001 this was still an option. However, 2003 someone from IBM leaked the secret CELL project to MS, and they wanted a new CPU as well. IBM decided, secretly, to use the exact same powerpc core to sell to MS as well - without telling their STI partners. They called this core PB - and sold that name as "PowerPC Boosted", but the team working on it called it PB because of its use in the Playstation and XBox - hence PlayBox or PB.

The reason why Apple dropped out of PPC is, because, MS and Sony brought more money and IBM ditched a vital feature for Apple to meet Sony's and MS timeline: Out of order execution (OOE). That was the depth blow for Apples engagement into PowerPC. The reason why they removed OOE (!it was there, originally) was, because MS was an additional customer with new requirements they had to reduce features to squeeze it into the Nov. 2005 release schedule - without hiring new people. IBMs STI team designed both, the Cell's and 360's PPC core. So, no OOE, and hence not usable for the desktop, Apple went to Intel.

So, now, that Sony got wind after all that IBM was selling their PPC to MS, (some Sony engineers even fixed bugs just for the 360! - which had no effect on the PS3, because of the different setup, etc.), I could imagine, they might go a different route.

Sony filed a ton of patents from the CELL project (behind the back of IBM, see no love after all), and might own the SPU (??I am not sure on this one). Combine this with Larabee, and integrate a multicore x86 cpu, there you go. No more CELL. As sad as this sounds.

DeadlyFire3481d ago

I say its possible that Intel might indeed make the PS3 GPU. Larabee supposed to be a big multi-core GPU anyway so it will work well with the Cell's multiple threads.

I believe the Cell 2 will stay the CPU no matter what. Intel GPU will be great though. I don't know how things will work, but it will likely work out with Intel's chip as the GPU and another chip to convert data if it needs to be done from x86.

Ju3481d ago

I can't see how Larabee makes sense in combination with the CELL, other then they get merged. But that's impossible because IBM owns the PPC core. So, SPU+Larabee+x86 core, well, I can imagine that. But SPUs + Larabee doesn't make sense either. They are competing designs, not complimentary. But Larabee could get some things from the SPUs. Or the a SPU based cpu could get Larabees X-bar + texture units but would require a new CPU core (a x86 instead of a PPC, which is possible, see SpursEngine, which does not have a PPU). Except, if Intel is not using Larabee but something else. Which I doubt, because Larabee is their foothold into gaming.

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