Eurogamer: The House Of The Dead: Overkill Review

Eurogamer: "The House of the Dead: Overkill, SEGA's Wii-exclusive reboot of its undead shooting gallery, has a score combo system. Provided you don't miss the "mutants", or the pickups, or the panes of glass, or the conveniently-placed giant candelabras, you'll progress through a series of score-enhancing states called "extreme violence", "ultra violence", "psychotic" and finally - worth a delicious extra 1000 points per kill - "Goregasm". When you attain the latter splatter nirvana, the combo meter disappears and is replaced by a huge, fluttering, resplendent Stars and Stripes."

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PS360WII3596d ago

ha sounds like it's entertaining :)

Product3596d ago

i was getting this game already but damn 8/10 sounds way better then what i think IGN is gonna give them.

Cheeseknight283595d ago

Good score, but I have a feeling that Wii owners craving a hardcore experience are going to accidentally miss this one. I didn't know it existed until last week.

miles-prower3595d ago

3 hours only
for 50$ game

mastiffchild3595d ago

It's a genre problem really so you can't blame the game itself esp as it tries to be a bit more than your average light gun shooter.
I mean, I love Resi but even I can't take the light gun fuelled nostalgia of UC on Wii in big doses and all LGS games are like that, imo.
It's so arcade heavy that it does inevitably get repetitive after a while and you won't(unless you really love the games and usually put plenty of coin into machines)likely go through the game in a session and anyway the challenge, like in old school games of most types comes in improving your score-which is why the lack of online leaderboards is an issue really.
Plus most fans of games like this will want to get a lot of the things impossible from just one play through and to be fair with the DC and mini games there's a fair bit more than just the three hours.
Don't be too harsh on it as it really is trying way harder than the other HotD games-and they had their fans-but this is made with the Wii and home users more in mind and should find a fair few converts if it's as good as this review would have us believe, and I hope it is.