PS3's Built-In HD Scaler To Eventually Upscale Existing PS2/PSOne Games To 1080i/720p

Sony will be targeting specific games to get the HD upscaling. And although the up-scaler doesn't go up to 1080p, 1080i/720p will be the maximum. It's basically a way for Sony to resolve two problems: PS2/PSOne games not working/being problematic, and not being fully utilized with the PS3 hardware. God of War, Klonoa 2, Killzone, Final Fantasy XII, Devil May Cry… imagine how games like these would look with the full HD treatment. I can only see them right now.

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SuperSaiyan44304d ago

LOL you people don't get it still it doesnt have an upscaling chip! If they use software thats gonna hit the PS3's GPU pretty hard. It already does hit the performance when going from 720p to 1080p.

MaximusPrime4304d ago

oi xbox fanboy. why dont you yack about xbox instead in the xbox section. just leave PS3 alone.

PureGamer4304d ago

i love this good news for the PS3 and coming right up to the launch i cant wait, the only people who bad mouth the PS3 are thoes who are unhappy with there purchase, hmmm? you dont see Ninty die hards coming on here trying to get people to buy there console do ya? ha

techie4304d ago

That's alright though if it hits the GPU...its opnly upscaling ps1 and ps2 game, not upscaling ps3 game the GPU and CELL can handle that easily.

TheMART4304d ago

First seeing, then believing

At the moment it can't do proper upscaling and the trouble is, it can't do full upscaling ever because it hasn't got vertical and horizontal upscaling at the same time

Deliver first Sony instead of promisses and still not reality

where are all games 120 fps @ 1080p?
where is the current upscaling when people are forced down in 480p?

techie4304d ago

Bored TheMart. You aren't making anyone like the 360 more, and you certainly aren't making anyone not buy a ps3 because of what comes out of your mouth (fingers). Some people on this site have the power to do that, but if anything you make people like the ps3 more.

Bathyj4304d ago

where are all games 120 fps @ 1080p? Please, get over it. As if you've ever believed anything Sony said anyway.

If anything you make me resent my X360. Everything you say is just Sony/PS3 bashing so sadly, I associate XB with people like you and it makes my not like it quite as much as I did, which isn't really fair to my Xbox. Notice I didn't say, you make me HATE it. Thats cos I'm a gamer, and why would a gamer hate a games machine?

Overated is right too. Why don't Nintendo fans feel the need to knock every Sony story? Maybe they're happy with their position and dont feel as threatened as XBfans. I dont know but it sure seems that way. I honestly think they were alot happier when they were the only competitors.

To more important things, is a shame its only rumour at the moment but surely this has to be coming. Its just to good to pass up. I'm actually MORE excited about BC then I was with the chip still in. Playing these games improved will be like playing them for the first time all over again.

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