Days of Thunder Racer is Now Available

TouchArcade writes: "Of course, the Freeverse's Days of Thunder [App Store] comes out only moments after we post our preview screenshots and trailer. The latest racer from Freeverse comes in at a surprisingly low $0.99.

Game Features listed include:

High Octane Racing - Draft off of the cars in front of you and "Drop the Hammer" to get a burst of speed and invincibility.
Rivals - Advanced AI racers who will stop at nothing to take you out of the race.
Trade Paint With Your Opponents - Crash your opponent's car and watch the carnage in slow motion
Earn New Speed Machines - Hunt down opponents, take them out and add their car to your garage. Unlock and collect up to 14 unique new race cards.
Compete through 39 Races - Covering 12 unique tracks in six different circuits: Amateur, Qualifying, Semi-Pro, Pro, Superstar and Endurance
Unlock New Tracks - Progress through Story Mode and earn achievements as you progress through the game.
Strategically Use Your Pit - Pull into the pits to refuel and repair your car.

Teaser video here:

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PS360WII3483d ago

Only .99 for the first 72 hours then goes up to 4.99