'ExZeus' - A Japanese Arcade On-Rails Shooter

TouchArcade writes: "HyperDevbox Japan has released ExZeus [App Store] for the iPhone. This is another "on rails" shooter in the style of Space Harrier. Unlike Iron Man, however, you can actually control the movement of your character in Ex Zeus on screen.

The game appears to have been originally an arcade game built in Japan based on the research of one guy. It eventually found its way onto the PS2 (in Europe only) and finally the Wii as Counter Force. And Counter Force for Wii has been reviewed by IGN:

Counter Force is a fun game. In fact, once we're done writing this review, we're going to sneak away and play it again. Mixing the gameplay of Space Harrier with IR control and some "we do whatever the hell we want" artistic design and execution, Counter Force has the same kind of appeal as niche shooters like Sin & Punishment, if such classics were done by a chop-shop and never really saw the light of day."

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