Yakuza 3 - Final Gameplay Digest trailer

Sega published a new trailer from Yakuza 3. Enjoy.

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RyuStrife3150d ago

Wow! that's all I can say. well I'll add, Why not Shenmue 3 tool?!!

sonarus3150d ago (Edited 3150d ago )

I would give up uncharted 2 for this game

Luckily i can have both. I just hope sega releases it in the West. Its a big game localization will probably take a while

Chris3993150d ago

Looks even better on a t.v. screen.

Whitey2k3150d ago

come on sega bring it to the uk!!! cos thats lookin hot!

Skyreno3150d ago

OH WOW!! .......Wow ....bring outside please this game looks way way WAY Better than Grand therft Auto 4