In games, brains work differently when playing vs. a human

At its simplest, winning most games comes down to one thing: outsmarting your opponent. One of the appeals of networked games, however, is that doing so is generally considered to be much more challenging when your opponent is a human instead of a machine. Even the best algorithms can fall into predictable patterns, and few of them are able to recognize any habits that human players fall into. A new, open access study describes how the brain activity of subjects changed based on whether they thought they were playing a human or not, and that this difference is influenced by the sex of the subject.

The paper itself has a provocative title, starting with the question, "Are women better mindreaders?" The answer, I'd argue, isn't actually contained in the text, which appears to suffer a bit from some overinterpretation of the data and a discussion that casually accepts some gender clichés. Nevertheless, the basic data appear to be solid, even if their interpretation isn't.

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terrandragon3329d ago

I feel the need to be better than them. Makes me feel good about myself.

hay3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

Hah, that's the opposite of what I'm feeling. I'm always sorry for people who I kill/eliminate and that leads to lowering the skills to give people a some chance... Especially in competetive fighting and racing games.
In a games that I have some skill of course...

ThanatosDMC3329d ago

I agree. When my friends and i play Tekken i'm always the one that doesnt switch controllers cuz whoever loses gives the controller to the next player. But sometimes so that they dont get pissed off that i'm totally owning them I make "mistakes" so that everybody can have fun.

Foxgod3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

Finally some proof that ps3 fans are biased, sony is sending secret messages to their brains.
Sony must have found an exploit in humans brains.

LeonSKennedy4Life3329d ago this about the avatar thing?

I'd be mad too.

SupaPlaya3329d ago

funny stuff mate.

But that exploit obviously isn't working on you =P

mirroredderorrim3329d ago

I like dominate and congratulate.

dragonyght3329d ago

when im playing somebody and hes good and and getting kocky i will target him specially if hes in the same team as me i switch team just for that and pwnd them until he shut it or leave

Bubble Buddy3329d ago

Yeah I stay quiet unless some guy calls me out o_0.