Vermont Video Games Live Show Legitimizing "Games as Art"

When you look at the map of the gaming universe, there probably isn't a place as far from the traditional centers of the industry as Burlington, VT. A city of some sixty-thousand residents, smack dab in the middle of a state with less than half a million people to its name, it is probably the darkest, loneliest corner of the world when it comes to video games. That said, on the evening of January 17th, there wasn't a better place to be a gamer than this tiny state often known only for its frigid winters and Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream.

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SirLarr3395d ago

I caught the tour the first time it went through Dallas, it was a pretty sweet show. Tallarico is never at a loss for words either, I had a good time chatting with him after the show.

SlamVanderhuge3395d ago

I saw the NY and NJ shows. Aside the fact that they don't change the setlist very often (i saw them 9 months apart) they put on a great show and any gamer will absolutely love it.

stewie328873395d ago

Yeah, Tallarico pretty much did all of the work when I interviewed him. He's very nice though. The Vermont show was awesome.