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-GametimeUK-3151d ago


Downloading now... Finally Steven I get to see if it is worth my time and put my doubts to rest hopefully... Even though the reviews lately turned me into a believer

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3151d ago

Uncharted 2: Micro$oft are Thieves ONLY on PS3 ;-P
GT5 ONLY on PS3 ;-P
God Of War 3 ONLY on PS3 ;-P
Heavy Rain:Of xBots Tears ONLY on PS3 ;-P
FF 13 Versus ONLY on PS3 ;-P
Flower: For xBox 360's DEATH ONLY on PS3 ;-P
InFamous ONLY on PS3 ;-P
New Team ICO Game ONLY on PS3 ;-P
Fat Princess[Gabe Newell] ONLY on PS3 ;-P
Ratchet&Clank:Search for Clank ONLY on PS3 ;-P
etc etc... I LOVE BEING A PlayStation Owner!!!;)

Shane Kim3151d ago

Hahahah nice one sir Ken. Have a bubble :D. Im downloading this beauty right now.

Simon_Brezhnev3151d ago

just played the demo i love the game i even like the controls i guess because i dont play fps on consoles that much usually pc and im glad the demo short

Capt CHAOS3151d ago

Dude, where you going to fit the demos? I thought the compulsory disk installs would have gobbled up your disk space by now. ;-)

Helghast Slayer3151d ago

KZ2 demo=F#CKING EPIC!!!

The graphics are the best to date

Sound is star wars EPIC

Bullet impact is absolutely satifying

It's much better in native 1080i. The display and teztures are much cleaner and better. People should not miss out on this masterpiece. The amount of sh!t going on at once is jaw dropping really beautiful game and this is only the demo.

na2ru13151d ago

"It's much better in native 1080i. "

I'll remember that since I custom set at 720p on my lil 27" screen. It usually irons out the framerate since it's progressive.

Still not sure whether to download or wait 3 weeks :S

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HighDefinition3151d ago (Edited 3151d ago )

This is the truth....



BlindMonkey3151d ago (Edited 3151d ago )

mine won't budge anymore lol. I think too many people know now so it's going at a snails pace.

Edit: Game is great. Controls are solid and looks gorgeous. Short Demo though. At below, ya it was only for a minute or so and it started going fast again.

decapitator3151d ago (Edited 3151d ago )

Yeah its up alright, its only single player though but it looks really freaking awesome...Will play through it at least 7 times.

EDIT: Actually Blindmonkey, Sony really prepared for this download. the speed at which my lil bro finished downloading the game is incredible. It took about about 6 minutes and 3-4 minutes to install it.

Its beautiful by the way.

jammy_703151d ago

downloading now but at 2% lol
will be dont in half and hour then play it til 27th lol

Serjikal_Strike3151d ago

Whoever downloaded it 1st can you let me know if its got multiplayer?

Endorphin3151d ago

This is Exciting! Downloading Now!

MisterNiwa3151d ago

Downloaded it just now... installing also complete.

It sucks... TO BE A 360 GAMER, AHAHHAHA. Sorry had to.


uie4rhig3151d ago

1megabyte per 5 seconds here :) soo awesome :) currently on 7% (87mb)

Sneaky Snake3151d ago

TO ALL!! stop downloading right now! u r killing my download speed :p

doG_beLIEfs3151d ago

Anyone wanna tell me that SIZE (disc size) does not matter?

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

GG said that each level is 2GB+.

Well it looks like they were not blowing smoke, the demo is just the 1st 2 parts of level 1 and its OVER 1200MB.

Thank you Sony and thank you GG!!!!!

FYI, the Game Stop demo codes still don't work. They must be waiting for the North American update which means 5pmish CST.

darkgandhi3151d ago

I havent been this excited for a demo ever. I feel like a fat kid in a candy store.

Milky Joe3151d ago

Christ! My sisters using the damn playstation to watch a film with her friends!

I don't see why SCEE didn't release it early morning to relieve some of the traffic.

rucky3151d ago (Edited 3151d ago )

Dammit you people are lucky. I'm still stuck at work :(

StephanieBBB3151d ago (Edited 3151d ago )

prepare to be killzoned!

*Edit I....omg....incredible.

Nineball21123151d ago

Dude, have her pause the movie, then download the game in the background.

At least it'll be there when the movie is done! :-)

MisterNiwa3151d ago

well.. kinda short... i guess i rushed it too much... o_o

BlindMonkey3151d ago

here are some pictures posted on neogaf from the demo.

Ngai3151d ago

this is gonna take awhile..........

doG_beLIEfs3151d ago

I have a 100% fullproof way to get them to go away. Ask your sister to leave the room, when she's gone...whip your dik out and wave it around your sister's friends faces, they will either jump on it...or more likely run away monty python style and you will be good to go.

FYI, the PS3 cannot BDL when watching a movie. The Blu-ray drive has the Cell working to least for now.

uie4rhig3151d ago

just finished playing the demo :O so awesome.. so short :( i want more!! MORE I TELL YOU!!! Guerilla please? I ask you very nicely... PLEASEEEEE? :'( damn.. 1200mb game for 10ish minutes gameplay :( thats soooo little :'(

SRU96003151d ago

I feel let down by the Killzone 2 demo.

I've been wanting to play Killzone 2 for a long time, and I was very amped when the demo finished installing, but those controls just killed it.

For real, they just feel "wrong" (and the game has a very sluggish and slow feeling to it, as well).

I thought this would be the game to get me to stop playing Call of Duty 4, but after playing the demo, I really don't think that is going to happen.

I will definitely be renting it, though.
Maybe it will grow on me.

doG_beLIEfs3151d ago

Everything in this game has a real weight feel to it. In real life you cannot swing a heavy gun in a nanosecond. The sluggish controls feel slow because it is more realistic. I have read over and over in different reviews that after an hour or so, the controls feel just right.

Give it time, and you will see that the controls are just right.

Oner3151d ago

And you think people are going to take you seriously SRU9600 when you post biased & misinformation like this?

Clearly evident you don't know what you are talking about.

StephanieBBB3151d ago

I've finished the demo 2 times now. Controls are heavy but once you get the hang of it they are awesome. Damn... I Can't... stop.... playing it...

Mindsucker3151d ago

Hey look it is the 360 support team SRU9600 trying to pretend like he really is a gamer, Man I have looked t at least ten of your previous comments and they are all very biased. so why are you really posting on this article. FANBOYS like you are a virus in the gaming community and are a waste of space, time, and life.

Sarcasm3151d ago

Sweet, downloading Jin-Zone 2 Demo right now!

BrunoM3151d ago


INehalemEXI3151d ago (Edited 3151d ago )

downloading. :D 33%

Sarcasm3151d ago

"That is classic, but they must have known that firing that kind of shot across the bow would REALLY stir the SDF up. " -SRU9600

Right... Whoever uses that stupid term "Sony Defense Force" is... *sigh* no comment... No use bothering with idiots.

SRU96003151d ago (Edited 3151d ago )

Calm down, kids. lol

My past posts are a combination of my sincere opinions and me just trying to get the SDF riled up.

My post about the Killzone 2 demo was a sincere opinion.

I'm glad that you guys are enjoying the game.

I thought I would like it a lot, but the demo was less than I expected.
I might get used to the overall feeling of the controls, but for now, I can't stand them.

I'm sure that others feel the same way, but don't dare to say it here in PS3-land (aka

Ghoul3151d ago

Played it 4 times in a row

The controlls are indeed new BUT after the 2nd run or 15 min i am totally in the flow of the controlls handing out headshots and spot on grenades.


I totally love it

StephanieBBB3151d ago

Go in to options and then change the controls to "Alternative 2" It's pretty much COD controls but alittle different. Thats what I did and now I don't even have to adapt to this game.

BrunoM3151d ago

look i get what you mean and EVERY one can think what they like right ? ... as far as the controls go i did these (didnt like them to much) love the game tho .. i went to options controlas alternate2 (same as COD4 and checked the Hold zoom option now its the same as COD and the game FUKING ROCKSSSSS

SRU96003151d ago

Yeah, I used the alternate 2 control scheme as well.

Better, but still not digging it.

I will probably play the demo another 20 times today, so hopefully the controls will become second nature/less aggravating after that many play throughs.

Ju3151d ago

SRU might be a douche at times, but I agree with him here (well, except, my preorder stands as is). Alternate 2 with HOLD-ZOOM it is for me. But its still sluggish. Realistic maybe, but takes a while to get used to. The demo is great to try out the controls, after the second run thru, I started to like it. What I miss is an auto-cover system. You can't just go into cover and zoom because you constantly press the L2 button, and the Zoom (on L1 for me) does nothing while in cover. I died more often then I thought I would, TBH. Maybe I just suck. Anyway, this evening will be busy I guess...

Ghoul3151d ago


middlefinger on L2
Pointerfinger on L1

duck into cover hold l2 THEN lean over the cover with stick L and hold l1 for zoom

works like a charm and i played it sometimes this way. This game kicks ass, and i totally dig the realsitic "slugishness"

maruchan27six3151d ago

at least for me now, tapping R3 to zoom while in cover is easier to do than holding L1.I find it hard to melee with R3.Tapping L3 to run is pretty neat too.
If only there is a sniper rifle in the demo, then I will know for sure which is the best control scheme.Long live snipers!

SRU96003151d ago

One of the greatest things about Call Of Duty 4 is that it never feels like the controls are holding you back.

It's like the controller almost isn't even involved, it's so smooth.

The opposite is true with Killzone 2. I often die while fumbling around with the controls, and that feels cheap (and incredibly frustrating).

BrunoM3151d ago

ya i get it ... lol weird first time i play was my best finish in 10M 35Secs and die 1 time ... (it says in select stage ur best)

kinda fells diffrent but that is because up until the demo came out i have been playing COD4 and 5 .... (4 beats the sh1t out of 5)

but the game is amazing is one of a kind looks are jaw droping and well theres not much i can say bad about the game the AI even tho is in normal is REALLY good and the damn rocket blowing sh1t up is AMASING lol..

well im sold ... and as far as the controls go Alternate2 with holdZOOM are mine all the way love it cant wait for the 25 (brother works at eb games they all going to take their copys home and check/pay them on the 27 lol)


Ju3151d ago

@Goul. That's what I'm doing. But the zoom in cover is not the same as without (or am I missing something here). You don't look thru that little glass when in cover. It works for me, though.

But, yeah, I agree. The AI is great. That guy in the warehouse crouches behind some cover, if you shoot him on the left, he's crawling over to the other side. Awesome...

Ghoul3151d ago

(or am I missing something here). indeed you are

you get the aimdownsight-view when in cover + leaning over the cover + holding l1. So if yoiu dont get the reflex sight green dot your doint something wrong

MiloGarret3151d ago

WTF, I just discovered this, why am I on n4g, bye!

BlindMonkey3150d ago

After playing countless hours of COD4 i have to say Alt2 controls are by far the best. The controls took me about 2mins to get use to. The game feels amazing. Has anyone else shot the long red canisters in the back 2-3 times like i have? turns them into torpedoes lol.

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Goon 1873151d ago

yeah 83%

It's going fast for right now=)


It's not even up here at my store, everything else is. This sucks!

jammy_703151d ago

it in lastest

if not then unlucky m8

TheFreak3151d ago

I didnt find it in latest had to go to all games

_Q_3151d ago

Why are you in here?

Serjikal_Strike3151d ago

What time the gamestop code will be good for activation?

It still wont work for me:(

doG_beLIEfs3151d ago

Which is 5pmish CST.

At least this is my guess.

I am DL the EU store one, I am not waiting for my code to go live, and nor should you.

Solidsnakex233151d ago

the US store updates... so probably 5pm EST? Mine isn't working either but I have a Euro acct but Im at work =(

jerander3151d ago

its up but you have to do it a little different then normal.

throw away the card and create a new user on your ps3 and sign up for a new PlayStation account under that user name that lives in the UK

Sharpshell3151d ago

is the US demo required a code the same as the european demo i already downloaded?

0verdrive3151d ago of 10:30am pst the gamestop code worked for me. maybe try it again

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