The 'first ever real 3D' game is coming to the Wii

Looks like the ps3 wont be the only system on the block to get the 3d glasses treatment, today Data Design Interactive a successful video games publisher and games developer today announced that in a land mark event, that they would release the first 'REAL 3D' console game, by using stereoscopic glasses on the Nintendo Wii

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HighDefinition3453d ago (Edited 3453d ago )

The guy at the bottom right of the pic is hilarious. He`s so serious.

BrunoM3453d ago

lol good point ...

humm i think Sony and Microsoft will be the 2 looking closest to these game ...

ThanatosDMC3453d ago

I've seen some HDTV's in Microcenter optimized for 3D.... it does add some aspects to the gaming. But it's not that impressive. Wish i could see 3D without the stupid glasses.

The game they had running was Pure.

LoVeRSaMa3453d ago

There first 3D game, that sounds about right, the rest have been 2d.

Danja3453d ago

but im not looking forward to this game being a hit.....

SevWolf3453d ago

So true, you beat me to the post, I was about to type that in, but still the wii still has a good game or two

ChickeyCantor3453d ago

Lover, you are obviously being lame,
Cause if the games were really 2D, i wouldn't be here right now, i would playing those 2D games.

2D > 3D
( and no im not saying that because of the Wii, i seriously like 2D over 3D. At college i didn't go to the 3D classes)

PS360WII3453d ago

Should be worth a look to see what all the hurmph is about

Voiceofreason3453d ago

No dont do it.. You can either trust me on this one or you can just google their name and check out their release list. The have 1 game engine and like 20 games that use it.If you dropped all of their titles off of the Wii list the average score would jump 3 points. 3 of these games got 1 and not a single game was reviewed above a 3.

Kushan3453d ago

Do NOT get excited about this. Data Design Interactive are borderline Con artists. They created Ninjabread man. They don't care about quality games, they literally produce cheap games to make a quick buck, they have never made a title that isn't Shovelware, so expect this to be some silly rendering effect and nothing more.

Gambit073453d ago

These guys give gaming a bad name.

Foxgod3453d ago (Edited 3453d ago )

Actually, the first ever real 3d game will come to the holo deck.
I wonder when it will be out, shamelessly groping =)

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The story is too old to be commented.