The Koalition: Halo Wars Demo Gameplay & Impressions

James G - The main thing I wanted to focus on in the demo was the control system & I am pleased to say Ensemble have done a great job with it. The system is very simple & works well with the Xbox 360 controller. You can see from the videos that its mostly a two button affair with the a button being the select unit function & the x button being the order button, Ensemble have also configured the y button for unit specific special attacks & the LB button to select all units on screen which eliminates the need for the traditional click & drag approach.

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htownplaya3600d ago

i was truly impressed myself.

pumpkinpunker3600d ago

can't wait to play online against another human opponent.

JaggedSac3600d ago

I agree, the demo rocked and online will be awesome. Co-op and skirmishes.