Accepting a Game Because of it's History.

Hardcore Christian Gamer writes; "We've all played the Resident Evil 5 Demo by now right? Right. I have been a gamer for more than half my life now, and I've never played a Resident Evil game. Mainly because I've never been much into zombies (Although I love Left 4 Dead now). I have always had the understanding that when a new RE game comes out, it sells a crap ton of copies. I never really knew why but I knew it was a fact.

So RE5 pops on to the marketplace not too long ago, and I gave it a whirl. It has had a ton of hype, I saw previews of it from E3 08' and various places on gaming websites so I went in with really high hopes. Basically all that I knew was that the graphics were going to be stellar and that I was going to shoot some zombies."

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