Nintendo and Hardcore Gamers: Who Abandoned Who?

A lot of people say that Nintendo forgot the hardcore crowd. The Wii is majorly successful, and it is mostly attributed to their embracing the casual gamers. But the hardcore insist that they've been abandoned, that Nintendo forgot about, as one person put it, "who made them who they are." There are three major problems with this.

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PS360WII3547d ago

Not a bad write up but it'll always fall on deaf ears :(

#2 is so true but way to many people seem to think the DS only has pet, baby, and cooking games. They fail to see the mass rpg, action, adventure, and pure adrenaline games it has.

So yes Nintendo abandoned no one but those people who need to be elitists will always balk the Wii ><

Voiceofreason3547d ago

IF even half the kids on N4g that claimed to be Nintendo fans that Nintendo forgot actually supported Nintendo and the GC it would not have finshed dead last. Its just an excuse from Sony fans to have yet another reason to trash a Nintendo product.

ahnonamis3547d ago

Yeah. The Wii may not be for the "hardcore" gaming crowd, but that's only because core gamers ignored them last gen. The DS has plenty of games for gamers, but a lot of the people complaining almost never touch a handheld.

forthegamergood3547d ago

Solid argument, I agree completely. I'd advocate checking out UK's EDGE magazine for a few in depth interviews with Nintendo about their current aversion from hardcore gameplay.

italianbreadman3547d ago

Yes, it was a shame to see so many gamers dismiss the GameCube in the very early-goings based on such ridiculous things as it's shape and color, or the fact that it had games that appealed to both the traditional "gamers" and the expanding market. Because of that, Nintendo seems to have simply opted to increase their service for that new crowd, while still throwing the occasional bone to the veteran gamers. Unfortunately, people don't know how to share their platforms with others.

BigManFanelli3546d ago's the truth. I've played my DS more than any other system combined recently. Nintendo is still catering to their most supportive crowd, it's just that that crowd isn't listening. Phooey.

Shnazzyone3546d ago

The wii is a hardcore system if you play it as a hardcore system. I am a hardcore retro gamer who loves his wii. You can play the xbox as a kids system too.

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