God-Given Talent

Perhaps videogames are butchering and manipulating mythology to serve as a basis for their own universes. Sometimes it's a lack of narrative-based creativity on the behalf of the scriptwriters, and sometimes simply a studio of Viking-obsessed developers determined to bring that beer and horned helmets feeling to gamers' living rooms.

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Grandreaper99993394d ago

And that's why the God of War story never blew me away either.. Felt like a history lesson. Fun game play though.

If you think about it though, if there's a summon in any ff game, or many others, the creatures are usually named and based off of actual mythological creatures/people. Many games would be at fault if this were to be a negative thing.

NaiNaiNai3394d ago

Knights of the Round. FTW.

ahnonamis3394d ago

It's not that games are using myth or history as a backdrop, it's that they're using them and then trying to alter them enough to make them different but familiar. No one has really actually just taken a myth as-written (or told) and gone, "Here's a game!" for it. That would be pretty awesome...

forthegamergood3394d ago

Speaking as the one who wrote this (>.>) I'd say ahnonamis is right; it's not so much what they're using, but how they're using it.

italianbreadman3394d ago

I definitely think that some myths could be translated from text to game, 1:1, but oftentimes the embellishments made by developers are just as interesting as the source material. The new perspectives and interpretations are sometimes quite captivating, even if they occasionally fail worse than a mesh drinking glass.