"Used" Japanese Wii Going For Above MSRP

If a new Wii goes for ¥25,000, then how much should a used one command? Kotakuite dokool found out at the Shibuya Mandarake.

"Lo and behold, after descending two floors of stairs, sneaking past the shoujo doujinshi section, past the auction display cases, and through the Shrine of the Silver Monkey, I finally came to the videogame aisle. There were no shop clerks nearby, and fortunately there were enough people to my left browsing the used PS2 games so as to keep the security camera busy while I snapped my illicit photos.
The first shot shows a Wii box, with a 28,350 yen (US $238) price tag, slightly above the 25,000 yen ($210) retail price. The second shot has several DS Lites of all the colors of the rainbow (at least, the really boring pastel rainbow), for 19,950 yen ($168) each, again above retail. Sorry for the weird lighting on that one, but my flash went off by mistake and I decided that it was legible enough."

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