Battlefield 1943 coming to XBLM & PSN this summer

EA has officially announced Battlefield 1943, revealing that it will be available as a downloadable title on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace, as well as PC.

"Battlefield 1943 is a new take on a blast from the past classic coming to life with brand new technology that we're eager to get into players hands," said Karl Magnus Troedsson, Executive Producer Battlefield Franchise, DICE.

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dxmnecro3574d ago

I have been waiting for another true Battlefield game for quite some time. I just hope it isn't a slimmed down, chopped up version.

docsavage3574d ago

Forget about this...Bad Company 2 is listed as being made for PC - that's the real news.

DeadlyFire3574d ago

No real info just yet. Its possible that it might just be a smaller game to test the waters with Downloadable games. I still think that downloadable games are still far off for now. Especially in the US. Takes hours to download 1 Gb for me.

JonahFalcon3574d ago

Wow, you have a craptastic connection. Broadband - 2-3 minutes for 1gig, sometimes faster.

JonahFalcon3574d ago

I wonder what they're strip down to allow it to be a DLC for PS3 and 360.

I also wonder how much it'll cost. I'm guessing $19.99/1600 MSP.