First screenshots of Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Electronic Arts has released the first screenshots of Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

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locos853599d ago

I didn't like the 1st one hopefully this is better. the guns didnt feel right to me

BlindMonkey3599d ago

fighting in winter would be pretty cool but i agree with loco, something just felt off from the first game. I think it was either the guns or the hit detection.

LoVeRSaMa3599d ago

BF:BC was a shame, It didnt feel like its older brothers on PC, it didnt even feel as good as 1942.

I knew the game wasnt going to do well from its demo...

Unless they make it Exactly like its PC Siblings, I think it will fail so more.

ChampIDC3599d ago

I had fun with the campaign of the first one, but it still had the exact same frustrations that I had with BF2. Some guns are so unnecessarily inaccurate (try any LMG =\) and trying to work with teammates to get health back and stuff is just impossible if you play alone. Health cabinets would have been nice. Gotta find a way to make the game more fun when teamwork is impossible with dumb Xbox Live goers.

My favorite thing about the first game was the sound of the guns, though. Nice to hear a game capture the echo of a gunshot as well as BF:BC did. Just wish they didn't have you pull the hammer to load a round into the chamber on a reload, even if you already had one in there. Yes, I'm kind of a gun nut.

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The_Kills3599d ago

Most regretful purchase of my life..

The enemies shot from miles away, it was hard to aim because of the jumpy sensitivity, and I hated the whole same setting you were in the whole time, and stupid objectives and story..ugh

MiloGarret3599d ago

Lol at you... You REALLY missed the point with Battlefield games didn't you?

Hint, it starts with an M, and it ends with ultiplayer.

outlawlife3599d ago

but the multiplayer on bad company was always terrible....

peeps3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

if ea have released them why are they on this site and not linked from ea? also its a modern setting so whats with the propelor plane. plus unless these are confirmed bfbc2 screens then i'd predict that they're taken from bf3 for pc instead.

just noticed that 2 of the pics are from the wake island map from 1942 and later in an update for bf2

Ghoul3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Looks great

and BF : BC was a great game, one of the best characters in shooter history. and awesome destructibles and gameplay


AWESOME i love it allready bf1942 on pc was my favorit online game and seeing this coming to my ps3 (and 360) im in heaven, the old bf gameplay +new engine DREAM CAME TRUE

i waited ages for this to happen

GoD_tattoo3599d ago

Do you work for em? Cause the game I played sucked....It died after about a month...

Ghoul3599d ago

Do i need to work for someone because i like something ?

"Cause the game I played sucked"

Sometimes i really wonder why most of you people game, nearly 90% of the games allways SUCK in your guys opinion ? do you even enjoy your hobby ? or are you allways on the hunt for the next blockbuster if so you really miss ALOT of great games.

sorry mate im not the kind of basher just because the mass dislikes it.
I totally enjoyed it

and btw im a huge bf vet. Playing every bf game since bf 1942 closed beta. Wich kinda makes me veteran since day 1

Pootie Tang3599d ago

i loved the first one too, single player was average but multiplayer is awesome

The_Kills3599d ago

that environmental damage was the biggest gimmick ive seen after SIXAXIS

BlindMonkey3599d ago

Wow really? I thought the destructible environments were amazing, more games actually need the amount of destructibility that battlefield had. I love games where the battlefield changes constantly.

PS3forME3599d ago

Somebody never got their "Never Used A Door" or "Forest Ranger" achievement/trophy

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