Nobuo Uematsu: Musical Genius, Gaming Legend

Whether you like him or not, you cannot deny his musical talent, nor can you even argue his incredible knack for writing the perfect song for any moment. Gamers can only hope to hear more unforgettable songs from good ol' Nobuo Uematsu for a long, long time.

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butbutbuttehcell3571d ago

Best games-music composer ever. I hope for FF13 they enlist him for more than just the main theme. He should be doing all of it!

meepmoopmeep3571d ago

i simply adore his work.
i like the name of his company too Smile Please.

how awesome is that?

HighDefinition3571d ago

Musical Genius, Gaming Legend, GREAT Moustache.

ahnonamis3571d ago

I'm convinced when they came up with that company name they looked at a picture like the one of him here first.

NaiNaiNai3571d ago

he got me into music. i started with midi stuff, now i play real guitar, first 2 songs i learned were vincents theme, and aeris theme. great music, and i hope he keeps making more.

forthegamergood3571d ago

*falls to knees in supplication*

Seriously though, he's the granddaddy of midi rpg music, not to mention the incredible stuff he pulled off for Advent Children with the Japanese Philharmonic.