Analysis: Guitar Hero Vs. Rock Band - Behind the Data

Gamasutra: Our previous studies of the Gears of War and Call of Duty franchises' two most recent sequels revealed a few interesting insights -- significantly, that a steady drip of DLC did little to boost long-term player engagement with a title, and that players' relationships with a game can be often inconsistently indicative of their behavior with a sequel.

Now, we look outside the shooter genre to examine the rhythm game genre, to compare and see whether insights on sequels hold up in a different arena. Gaming social network GamerDNA, which lets users track and share play time, progress and achievements on networked titles, also acts as a database that studies player trends for the benefit of developers.

GamerDNA polled some 150,000 Xbox Live users to find out which games were the most popular over the holiday season, and examined user behavior around the latest Guitar Hero and Rock Band installments, to check for trends and to measure the impact of sequels.

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