Qore Episode 09 Next Week – Featuring RE5, MLB 09 The Show and The Godfather II

Kevin Furuichi on Playstation.Blog writes:

"The February episode of Qore's got variety and new technology."

"As for downloadable content, we've got two new exclusive Killzone 2 themes and a voucher for the PSone classic Syphon Filter.* We're celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the espionage classic created by Sony's Bend Studio, whose latest project, Resistance: Retribution, is coming to the PSP in March.

Qore Episode 09 arrives on February 12."

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Chris3993520d ago

I can forgive them for the FREE legacy PS1 game.

My PSP has been getting soooooooo much love lately.

meepmoopmeep3520d ago

what free legacy PS1 game?

anyway, i wonder when they'll fix the Annual Subscription bug
it doesn't seem like you can subscribe annually anymore.

Chris3993520d ago

That game.

And it's a good one too. We need a few more classic PS1 RPGs on the NA store though.

The Japanese store is littered with them.

Parapraxis3520d ago

Nice, I haven't played Syphon Filter in years!
The themes will be nice as well =)