Killzone 2 Reviewed by GamingNexus

GamingNexus has posted their review of Killzone 2 and came away fairly impressed with the game. The only lament is the lack of co-op gameplay as everything else in the game is top notch

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Says you3477d ago

XBox 360 fans don't get banned permanently to the Open zone like Lightning the guidelines in N4g are a joke and yay another 100 for this game that deserves it.

Sasanova3477d ago

i will never understand people who review games based on coop...all of a sudden its mandatory? gtfo theres less then a handful of games with coop, now all of a sudden every shooter has to have it?

jammy_703477d ago

why can't people review whats there! thats what your that!! forget co-op
though co-op wud be really nice this game is amazing without that anyway :) well it will be amazing

sonarus3477d ago

The reason why everyone whines about coop is that game seems built for coop. More so than other games. In a lot of the videos it always seems like you are with your squad in fact you are part of a 4 man squad. Then there is that one guy that always follows you around and you can even do team work stuff like pull each other up a ledge. The way the game was designed its like they had coop in mind but they gave up on it half way through game development.

Lack of coop is a gripe because for a LOT of people it would just make the game more fun than it is now. Does that mean the game isn't fun now? NO but for a lot of people it makes it better. Imagine getting a bowl of fries but no ketchup. Not everyone needs ketchup but the fries will sit there begging for ketchup. Sure you can still judge the fries as great without the ketchup on it but that won't change the fact that you would rather have eaten it with ketchup.

All games can't have all we want. I wish Halo 3 had better graphics, I wish bioshock was actually a good shooter (shooting in that game is beyond mediocre) i wish RE5 had better controls. But all these games are still good games but that won't stop me from wanting that little extra to make it better.

Lets try not to accept the no coop as cool in hopes that guerilla will be pressured into adding it in. My guess will be it will be buyable DLC:(

terrandragon3477d ago

As a 360 owner, this game does look fantastic, but adding co-op would just heighten the experience. I also agree, co-op is not mandatory, and World at War's co-op sucked balls.

ThanatosDMC3476d ago

If it had co-op, i would buy two... and "accidentally" throw a nade at my teammate's feet. Then pretend it was an accident. We all do this... heheheh

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Salta_nelas3477d ago

It has to add up another 100 on Metacritic, GamingNexus counts, at least it did for Halo 3 which was rated A- (90).

TruEve3477d ago

Yeah, that's if GamingNexus scales their reviews the same as 1up. It could translate into a 9.5. Still though, its great!

Traveler3477d ago

No, I believe it translates into a 100 at Metacritic.

Alexious3477d ago

Great review for a great game

Frood3477d ago

DEMO IS NOW UP!!!!!!!!! 1207MB

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The story is too old to be commented.