The Making Of IncGamers: Cheesepocalypse

IncGamers' Peter Parrish dives into developing a retro game this week, rather than looking back at the games which define an era for us.

Using the old skool Shoot 'Em Up Construction Kit, Parrish has created a funny, throw-away, one-level game which readers can download.

Parrish writes:
"SEUCK prided itself on being relatively simple to use, and first impressions appear to back that claim up. Once somebody has had an idea for a game they can draw the player and enemy sprites in a simple Paint-style interface, design a few background tiles in the same way, add sound effects and then jam it all together in the level editing section until it resembles a game. Seems easy enough."

IncGamers are also asking their readers to create a game using the same dev tools.

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AndyA3395d ago

I remember making a few bad efforts with SEUCK

Dorjan3395d ago

I'm just happy i'm not a head running after cheese!

Maticus3395d ago

That hilarious, really! Can't wait to do one of my colleagues.

Leord3395d ago

Hahaha, that's nice, love the little face expressions!

syrinx3395d ago

Lol. excellent stuff, nice article.

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