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techie3450d ago

Great and surprising! 1.1 million for Europe alone? That means around 1-2 million for America. Wow...has Sony got a game that'll sell over 2 million at launch?

MasFlowKiller3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

and its currenly #7 in amazon JP, i know that not a big deal but its ahead of one of the most anticipated JRPG'S Star Ocean, Which i think is big,

could be the first FPS to make it pass 50,000 this gen

Ghoul3450d ago

that is massive

a fps game ahead of one of the most anticipated jrpgs is a sensation in japan.

Sasanova3450d ago

best thing about this theres still like 22 days left to pre order....AND THE COMMERCIALS ARENT EVEN UP YET!!!! just imagine when commercials start rolling in on tv and all the advertisements... easily it will reach 2.5-3 mil in preorders alone

PotNoodle3450d ago

Anticipated for who? The 10 people that own 360's in japan? :P

Megaton3450d ago

Looking to be a pretty good launch if they're already counting millions of pre-orders in a single region before the ad campaign even started.

Now lets just hope Guerilla didn't add any songs with lyrics from the Qur'an that need to be taken out at the last minute.

Alcon3450d ago

Are those numbers really only for Europe? I read the interview with Reese, and I see it mentions 1.1 million pre orders but it doesn't say clearly if it is Europe only. Does someone know, and can confirm it is for Europe only. Thanks

(still a few hours and the demo comes out.... can't wait)

Xulap3450d ago

Wow, Xiphos.
Don't remind me of that song crap... It causes bad things to my brain.

jammy_703450d ago

haha LOL at the ppl that think halo wars will outsell this =D!!!

Counter_ACT3450d ago

I doubt the US' will be double. Europe almost always sells more PS3 stuff than the US.

InfectedDK3450d ago

Friiiiiiiiicking AWESOME!
THIS is THE shooter online on PS3!
I cant wait for the demo tonight!
PS3 smacks all other consoles in the face late february - Expect it to be an awesome event live from PlayStation Network!

djhsecondnature3450d ago

Sony confirmed to CVG that the figure was Europe only.

(Check the source)

SupaPlaya3450d ago

as Killzone 3 is basically confirmed. Higher sales just means that they'll likely have more resource to dedicate to Killzone 3!! Now close your eyes for a second and imagine what KZ3 would look like??

Aclay3450d ago

Well, since nobody else has mentioned it, I guess I will:

I guess Hiphopgamer was RIGHT when he said that Killzone 2 had over 1 million pre-orders on his latest show, and when he said it hardly anybody believed him, but I guess it just goes to show that he know things that go on behind the scenes.

Ju3450d ago

Why is anybody surprised ? I mean, this game is constantly in the news since weeks and is still making waves. Sites feel the urge to drag KZ2 into anything just to get hits (like CoD6 will outsell KZ2 - for a use less poll which had nothing to do with KZ2 or CoD6, for that matter). Just mention KZ2 and you get a hit guarantee. Obviously the interest in this game is huge. Even if e.g. the people N4G is not the majority, its a pretty good indicator what to expect, if you see what's going on in here alone.

gaffyh3450d ago

@Jammy_70 - Lol at the people that are going to buy Halo Wars thinking it's a proper Halo game.

Lifendz3450d ago

All this with no ads? Amazing. Sony, you could have a monster launch if you only advertised the game.

SuperM3450d ago

This does not mean 1-2 million in US. Because there are more PS3's in europe then in the US.

So please stop being so US centric, the only reason we have all the PS3 is doomed article is because people only look at the NPD results and nothing else.

Chubear3449d ago

Uh? Halo3 already passed 50,000 in JPN and sits at roughly 80,000 right now. Also, R:fom has sold close to 150,000 in JPN too. A better question is, will Killzone II surpass R:fom or the 200,000 zone.

Gosh, Feb 27 is going to strain servers in EU & NA like Crazy... JPN already is far ahead with internet services so they'll always be good no matter what.

XxZxX3449d ago

unlike Microsoft, spending a fortune on advertising. Killzone 2 reached this status without hardly advertisement. Wow this is great, sony really maximize their profits there. Instead of paying money for marketing, why don't they put more money in development and we get greater games instead unlike Halo 2.5. All marketing

TheBlackSmoke3449d ago

Buh Buh Buh wait guys. The world revolves around the USA so this does not count LOLROFLBBQ.


BattleAxe3449d ago

I'm willing to bet that this game will sell HALO numbers. 3 million first week.

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XtreemGamer3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

Yeah.. a must buy game!

retrofly3450d ago

Weee one of those pre-orders is mine :)

dustgavin3450d ago

That is insane! This game is going to be a massive hit!

s8anicslayer3450d ago

will be ps3's best selling game! amazing numbers,should sell more then halo3 did at launch,ps3 has a larger install base then the 360 did when halo 3 launched in 2007