Killzone 2 demo to launch "around 5:00pm" today

The Killzone 2 demo will launch in the region of 5:00pm today, SCEE's confirmed.

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MaximusPrime3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

ok cool. as long there will be no technical problem (like before)

edit: whats the point of disagreeing with my comment. you're so lame.

I just made a point that if it does delay due to technical problem, we may have to wait till 8pm GMT or worse next day.

gamesmaster3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

i hope they region lock it, just to cheese Americans off. :P

@below: my mistake

MaximusPrime3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

you think im an american? im english. i have to wait 'till i get home from work in 3 hours time. :(

edit: i wish people ready my past comments. most of them are sony fanboy comment cos i am a sony fan.

JsonHenry3333d ago

Dude, you are talking "trash" about killzone 2. On N4G that is like denying the holocaust ever happened.

Anyway, don't worry about it. Anytime something even remotely negative is posted about anything Sony the hit squad comes in and takes your bubbles away.

Seriously, try it once or twice. Post something negative about Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. The amount of negative feed back you get from the Sony crowd is ridiculous compared to the other two.

Anyway, can't wait. That is about the time I will be home and I can't wait to check out some of the single player experience.

SuperM3333d ago

Thats because its true when you say something negative about MS and nintendo :)

Madbrain3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

Show me the money!!!

iHEARTboobs3333d ago

I'm going to try to hold off until the 27th. I don't want a tease. And I need to finish other games too. Wish me luck..

IcarusOne3333d ago

And is this for preorders only?

No Way3333d ago

So, are you saying that Sony was, and is, telling the truth when they said they would be able to take advantage of 4D gaming with the PS3? Yea.. I've yet to see it.

Among, other things they have said that is not true.

Hey.. just saying. =)

EastCoastSB3333d ago

Well I'm in the US and I've already played through it 3 times through my UK account.

This game fking rocks btw. Controls take a while to get used to but after that it's amazing.

EastCoastSB3333d ago

You want 4D gaming? Play Motorstorm 1/2.

You probably don't even know what 4D is anyway.

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ape0073333d ago

I created a new uk account

do I need a code?

answere please

Goon 1873333d ago

if they region lock it, then you would need a code

AngryHippo3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago ) should be in the EU store, just download it like any other demo. Fun times come 5pm today.

Edit @ Goon 187, You are totally right, I didn't take that into consideration, they may region lock the demo, hopefully they don't though.

PS3istheshit3333d ago

you dont need a code for the uk version
i just finished playing the demo and its f**ken awesome
the graphics r insane and the voice over doesnt suck
ppl jus say that bcuz they need 2 find sumthin 2 talk $hit about it
the gameplay is really smooth and it feels better than cod4 and R2 and mgs4
it literally reminds me of those games that everybody was excited about on the ps2
it was a big variety of gameplay bcuz the AI was so smart
every person i killed i learned a new teqnique for shooting
im ready to put major money down for this game on feb 27
its the first game i would actually pay $70 for.

EastCoastSB3333d ago

They haven't region locked it yet because I'm from the US and I DL'd it fine.

ProperFunked3333d ago

dude, i played the demo and the controls are hardly smooth, they're sluggish, RE5 controls are smoother imho. seriousl tho, COD4 controls are smoother. i wish they coulda just set the sensetivity to low med high custom like COD4 instead of making it x, y on their own levels. personally i also prefer the sights toggle lock in this game specifily because most of your fingers are being used and i can't spare one to hold down the sight button, but again thats just me. i use Alt 2 control settings.

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Agheil3333d ago

Simply that.. i cant wait. DAMN i've got 2 go 2 school.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3333d ago

I got a bad feeling the internet is going to go into Meltdown at 5PM!!! :-/
Can i have it 1st please!!! ;-D I did invent the PS3!!! ;-D

What time is the Demo on xBox LIVE then!!! ;-D Oh NEVER!!!

TheMART3333d ago

Nice around the end of office hours. Will start it up ASAP and report back how the demo plays.

Lets hope its not an early beta build!

Fishy Fingers3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

Indeed, I doubt its right upto date, but I imagine Sony will want to show off a decent build.

Unusual to see you excited by a PS3 game Mart. Hope you like it.

TheMART3333d ago

@ Fishy

Well it ain't strange. I've been excited before. Heck you could read back my comments and you'll see I've given props to LBP as early as the first footage was released. Constantly I've been saying I would buy a PS3 for that game alone. And I did.

In my view, up till KZ2 its the only PS3 exclusive worth having a PS3 for. With KZ2 I count two games with that status.

Thus: yes, in general not excited about PS3 games. I'm still a bit on the fence with KZ2 about having a relative short SP story ( and another source I forgot played it in 5.5 hours), because I play no MP on the PS3 because of no ingame/cross game chat&invites and no headset sold with the PS3 thus not many people communicating and working together in MP running around like chickens without heads which I hate.

MP for me is on XBL where my friends are that all have headsets and the support is just premium in services. So this game needs to be that good, to have some hours of SP fun.

LBP is endless hours of fun even SP without the downloadable user made levels. That game is pure genious.

gamesmaster3333d ago

thats my next maths lecture at 2pm then a nice cooked dinner, all in good time. i hope the demo allows you to up the difficulty.