GamersMark: Sonic Unleashed Review


"We have seen just as many up and downs in Sonic's career as in his checkerboard loop-de-loops. But Unleashed is more on the top-side of that loop, rather than the uphill climb, or more importantly, the down-slope. With the day stages, Sonic Team has set the next milestone to work from, giving the series momentum, speed and direction all over again. Yeah, the Werehog bashing doesn't mesh well with the classic Sonic formula, but the platforming execution is solid. If they can just find a way to merge the two more fluidly into one package, they would have a truly special foundation to revive the series upon. Sonic Team may never understand how to properly program a 3D camera, but they still greatly strive to see Sonic's glory days return. Though they'll have to rediscover his identity and place in a next-gen world, they're one step closer now with the best 3D Sonic this decade."

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