GamersInfo: Review - Animal Crossing: City Folk


"The game is basic, from the cute graphics to the catchy sounds to the rather easy tasks you will see to during a course of one day, the game's talent lies in longevity. You will care for your town and character after no time at all, and taking a half hour or an hour each day to see the town prosper is strangely satisfying when all is said and done. I usually have a laundry list of complaints for the titles that come the way of Wii, but I think Animal Crossing: City Folk encompasses the defined spirit of what the Wii was meant for in its conception, without being a wasted watered-down experience, and I think the game succeeds on a very personally endearing level because of this. The game provides a grab bag of enjoyment, with no (ringing) bells or whistles attached. Try it out if you want to live another life, albeit a quiet one, and enjoy yourself."

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