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Gobuz3599d ago

Nice, i hope you guys enjoy it. Let us know what it's like...


Wife Of The Bad Guy3599d ago

I want honest impressions regarding the demo,no fluff no sugar coating,I want you to tell me what works,what doesn't work,and whether or not it's worth $60 bucks.

MisterNiwa3599d ago

I want the same as the mister above me. Cant download it cuz of lack of HDD Space... :/

Dark_Vendetta3599d ago

My impressions: (played the demo 1 week ago, but should be the same one)

+ controls work really good
+ amazing rendering work before every mission
+ easy to get into the game
+ (my opinion) good graphics

I don't know if you'll need tactics to win, or just build all units and attack (what is really important in an RTS). The demo is too short, so I'll have to judge depending on reviews (the developers said the demo is only about getting into the controls, and at the end of the game you'll have a few hundred units at once on the screen, so you'll need tactics. Hope it's true)

only 30 unit max in the first 2 missions. But as stated above this should change during the missions

All in all I really enjoyed the demo and preordered the game already (got it for 55€, it's a fair price). I really hope the multiplayer (up to 3vs3 player) will be intense

hippo243599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

(the friends that played it at 6 or so in the morning told me this)
Good enough to warrant a purchase
They even got the controls to work somehow.

Sez 3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

i agree with everything to wrote. the demo is to short. the controls works well (just like LoTR BFME). i just hope the missions are much longer than the demo.

all in all. day one purchase for me. i love RTS.

morganfell3599d ago


+It's HALO. It may be a strategy game but it feels like HALO.

+Controls are very straight forward - Ensemble didn't try anything ridiculous but made everything intuitive.

+Basic and advanced tutorials very quick and to the point - teaches what is needed without dallying. I jumped in to the demo after the basic tutorial and had a great time

+No uniformity of action - this is a good thing. I still see strategy games doing this and I despise it. It happens when a group of AI move in lockstep like clones. HW appears to thankfully be free of this.

+Good framerate even with a lot of action on screen

+Feels like the desperate battles from the books when things were going badly for the UNSC

+Rendered cutscenes are some of the best ever

+Actual game graphics suffer from some jaggies but they they still look good and get the job done. You won't see any ground breaking real world destruction of structures and such but it still plays great

+Voice work varies from just serviceable in some areas to outright great in others.

+If a demo is a litmus test of a game for you then you will find this a game to buy. I am concerned about the longevity. I think we will see MP maps, but a new campaign is highly questionable.

thenickel3599d ago

I'm starting to see more and more exfanboys turn they ways around and start getting back to there honest opinions on gaming. I agree with both Morgan and Vendetta and personally look forward to the retail version.

king dong3599d ago

but i really enjoyed the demo. and will purchase it on day one.

and i agree (for once) with alot of what morganfell says.

the controls work well, the graphics are nice and most importantly, it's fun. plus, i love the fact that you dont have to forage for resources/supplies. which imo was a very smart move from ensemble!

there was one problem though, it took ages to download...probably due to the high amount of people doing the same. but that was it.

Arnon3598d ago

The very opening is what got my excited. The sad and depressing music that Halo gives off but at the same time etches itself into your memories plays.


Controls - Very intuitive. Great tutorials that get you going and are to the point. Very engaging and can be picked up by anyone. It's pretty much the RTS version of Halo is all. Halo was very easy to pick up and learn.

Sound - Great voice acting and intense battle music. Really good sound effects.

Framerate - Keeps going strong even through battles of 8 scorpions versus an entire army of Covenant.

Graphics - Very pretty. Darker than Master Chief's quest. In the sense that everything isn't so happy-go-lucky.


-Too short(demo)

-No Covenant story

I am not even a RTS fan and I was able to be fully engaged within this game. It is going to be reserved, fully paid off, and a day 1 purchase in my eyes.

RememberThe3573598d ago

I'm going to go add this to my GameFly right now.

Blaze9293598d ago

I was skepticle of this game at first even warning people to avoid it just becuase it spouts the Halo name becuase I'm not really a fan of RTS games nor is this a FPS which many halo fans will think it is. But when i played the demo today all that changed! it was solid and as expected and my wish came true, not at all hard to learn. I see solid 9s coming for this game. Way to go out Ensemble!

cayal3598d ago

How exactly do the controls work? I know the knock of RTS games on consoles are lack of mouse, I am curious how they did it.

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LightningPS3PS33599d ago

I don't have a gold membership.

InMyOpinion3598d ago

I think it's restricted to gold members the first couple of days.

pswi603598d ago

really? i mean, really?

even tho i harp on Xbox Live (under another account) its like pennies a day dude...

i always thought you were kind of a douche lightning, but now i know for sure. you flip flop like a pancake, and you seriously cannot afford a live subscription? must have canceled it when the KZ2 reviews came out.

you aren't a gamer dude.


Mindboggle3598d ago

"Your not a gamer if you dont have a Gold Membership"

That is one of the most retarted comments ive ever seen on N4G.

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DPAD Dave3599d ago

I think Major Nelson jumped the gun. It's up on, but you can't download it...

Captain Tuttle3599d ago

It seems to be up now...working for me at least.

GamerPS3603599d ago

Kool, I am trying it when I get home.