Racist imagery might really exist in Resident Evil 5

Gamezine: When the first Resident Evil 5 trailer came out there were accusations of racist imagery. This was followed by Capcom's introduction of white African zombies, but Eurogamer's hands-on with the game brings the sorry news that the racism might still remain.

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Wife Of The Bad Guy3394d ago

It's just factually incorrect.VERY incorrect.The setting,the inhabitants of the setting,and much much more.

The only part of the game that might be seen as offensive is the Dialogue,it's just such a mixed bag that native speakers of the language(s) will be offended.

Chris3993394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

It would be like me writing a story about South African natives - Mayan descendents, let's say - without having done any research on the society, environment or people. I'd just write based off what I know from popular culture, which would be full of stereotypes and urban legend (ancient languages, a history of blood sacrifices, hidden secrets, ruins, treasures and golden artifacts).

As entertaining as my story might be, it could definitely offend some people, especially South Americans as it would be evident that I do not have full grasp of what I am talking about. The thing about the Japanese is that they are terribly Xenophobic as a culture (again, this is a generalization, which is dangerous, but for the most part accepted as true) and while not meaning to be racist do not always have the exposure with other cultures to identify them clearly.

P.S. If you need a recent example, look at the African American character in FFXIII. If I had to describe him, I'd say Shaft in Space.

Shaft (original, circa 1970ish):

Jamegohanssj53394d ago

And who cares honestly? Racist or not, if you're that damn sensitive about it, then you have some issues. Get a freaking grip.


Chris3993394d ago

I am a mutli-racial individual and completely accepting of mine and the world's diversity. I was just offering an explanation of how it might be perceived by people who are sensitive about their ethnicity.

But to out right ignore racial prejudice and people who might actually be offended by this content, just makes you look ignorant.

Daver3394d ago

If you see racism in this game then you are the one who is racist, you have some issues

Mr_Bun3394d ago

Swap out every instance of "black" people in the game with "white" people...does it sound racist?...Of course not....that has been the gaming industry standard since it's infancy...why is it such a big deal to introduce other races as "villains"?

StephanieBBB3394d ago

I can see where these guys are coming from. Having a game with black supposidly "zombies" and make them as human as possible is kinda stupid. And that scene with the white woman being draged away could be seen as her being "raped?" too, and it doesn't help that it's by a bunch of black people. That could have been fixed easily and is kinda a wtf moment I guess.

But I think Eurogamer is kinda over exaggerating alittle. But i'll have to play it myself before I jump to conclusions.

Anyway this game is a F'ing train wreck. The problems with it just piles up to infinity.

Chris3993394d ago

I'm a quad-racial child. I don't identify with any culture or creed, nor do I care to.

And apparently, you never actually read my comments. Let me recap in plain English:


Part of being an adult is the ability to see things outside of your own view-point. You should try it sometime.

Oh, and wait and see what a circus this becomes if a media-watchdog or advocacy group get's a hold of this game. That's my only concern, is how the perception of this game (again, not by MYSELF, but by others) will be tossed about in the media.

snakeater33394d ago

well there s one thing i might add....those of you (yes i know you re a lot) who are indeed racist but deny it to themselves or to society just because we have to be politically correct, can pick up a copy of this game and secretly enjoy blowing the sh!t out of coloured people. now thats what i call black humor (no pun intended :P)

Oner3394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

@ Daver ~ "if you see racism in this game then you are the one who is racist, you have some issues"

You got it wrong

"if you see racism in this game and DON'T take issue with it then you are the one who is racist"


Edit: Before I get jumped on because of some BS, let me say I am waiting until I actually PLAY the game to make ANY judgments.

Beast_Master3394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

I thought the main bad guy was a white guy? If so you have an evil White guy creating monsters out of Black people. That sounds like non-fiction if you ask me. Are Japanese people known to be racist? I thought the developers picked Africa because it was the birth of civilization?

Tony P3394d ago

Obviously Capcom wouldn't allow an intentionally racist game to be made. Companies just don't do that if they want sales. But the imagery will be disturbing to some.

For everyone taking the "what if the people were white" argument, you have to remember that it's not the same situation at all.

From the article: "But what makes this different from the Spanish zombies in Resident Evil 4? Eurogamer argues that 'the Spanish don't have the baggage of being stereotyped as subhuman animals for the past two hundred years.' "

It's circumstantial and you have to understand that these kind of stereotypes may not apply to your racial background. Just like someone may not be offended by graphic pictures of the Holocaust, it doesn't mean the pictures simply aren't offensive.

It's not my judgement of the game at all, but it's a consideration when you want to throw your views into the argument.

DeadIIIRed3394d ago

This article leaves the impression that Africa in whole is just as safe as Beverly Hills. I mean, Hotel Rwanda pretty much does the same thing (although it was based on a true story). Oversensitivity is one of the main reasons racism is still around today. If you are going to make yourself a victim you are going to be a victim.

phosphor1123394d ago

Racism would not exist if people simply did not care. But because people make complaints about such stupid things, it remains offensive. After 9/11, I was a victim of racism, being called a "sand n*gger" and "terrorist". It was devastating for me. Nothing like that has ever happened to me before, ever, until one day, someone just tipped me overboard, and I said "I don't care" and since then, I even joke around (responsibly of course) about how I am an Arab.

If people stopped caring about racism, it will no longer exist.
-"You can't undo the history and past of what was done to the African's."-
First of all, when you live your life in the past, all you do is f*ck yourself in the ass. Of course you should learn your lessons, but living in the past will get you no where, if not into trouble. Second of all, there has been worse things in life than slavery, EVEN THE HOLOCAUST! Believe it or not, facts show that more millions of more Russians died than Jews did. Of course all these events are horrible, but you can even see that more soldiers and civilians died in WW I than in WW II.

In closing, dont try to make racism a bigger problem than it actually is, just fuels the fire. Affirmative action, an attempt to "compensate" for those who have faced racial actions towards them have become a debate for becoming racist in itself.

It's a f*cking game, get over it. If you don't want to play it, then don't. It's not like it has a group of white people are lynching a black person.

Oh, and note, saying RE4 isn't racist but RE5 is, is racist in itself.

MiloGarret3394d ago

The level of education and knowledge present in this thread is offensive. Stop playing games and get an education. Seriously, save your comments on your computer, get an education, then read them again. I guarantee you'll... Well I'm not going to spoil the surprise.

TruthbeTold3394d ago

I'm going to have to comment on that statement, because though it is false, there is an element of truth to it. I'll preface this comment with the acknowledgment that of course there are plenty of black racists, and racists of all races for that matter. Here's an example of common racism toward African Americans found today:

The week before last, Saturday, I had been to a track meet with some of my athletes, high school kids. We got back into town and I was taking them home. One of the kids lived pretty deep in a nice neighborhood on a court. When we got there, a woman (white) was out in the street playing with her young children. I was driving my Navigator (not some beat up hoopty), and pulled into the court slowly at about 10 mph so as not to alarm her or her children. When we were about 40 feet away she turned, saw us and smiled in appreciation, and pulled her children out of the street.

However, once we got closer, say about 10 feet away and she saw me (mixed black guy) her expression changed to one of extreme dread as she stared right at me. Outwardly I just gave a gentle smile. Inwardly, I laughed it off, because that sort of thing literally happens all of the time, and laughter seems to be the best medicine. The funny thing was though, that after we dropped that kid off and began heading out of the neighborhood, another one of my track kids(white) said " Oh my god did you see that Coach?" I kind of raised an eyebrow. And he says" "Oh my god! A black man!" And we all just started cracking up. Honestly I was surprised that others had noticed it. But even though it's F'd up, that is the kind of racism that you ignore.

On the other hand though. There has been more than one instance where I've gotten that look, or similar when I've gone in for a job interview. Should we all ignore it then? Of course I did ignore it, because really, there was nothing I could do other than try to ease any fears or melt away any prejudices through my personality. But guess what? I didn't get any of those jobs.

Of course other, even more racist things have happened to me in my life, and I have said something when I felt that it would be productive, or I was too angry not to, but we have come a long way. I don't have to worry about being lynched or beaten up, because of the color of my skin. I don't have to use separate facilities specified for my race. And even though sometimes I may have certain unacceptable troubles attaining a job, I do have one because most of our country isn't messed up like that. (Most of Africa is though on both sides of the racial coin)

The bottom line though is that we do have to care about racism, or it WILL continue to exist. How I care about it in my every day dealings is that I am the more understanding one. I am the one who goes out of my way to accommodate the racist, and try to perhaps change their views by challenging the stereotypes through their interactions with my existence. But only racists, and non racist family members of those racists can truly change them. And it needs to be done. My attitude toward what I have to deal with only carries so far. And to be completely honest, if I was darker skinned than I am, I'd have it even worse. I know this because of what some of my family and friends have had to endure. That's the F'd up world we live in. It's not a joke, and it's not something to ignore.

Daver3394d ago


who cares if you are mutli-racial...that dosnt mean you cant be racist. My point was if you are enough stupid to try to see racism in this game or whatever else then you are not better than the one that will claim it.. try not to be someone else and judge from what could be their point of view, be yourself and if you say that you dont see racism in this game then why dont you just shut up instead you write an article about whats it could be....thats no better

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MisterNiwa3394d ago

Well i dont get it why its racist imagery... I mean the most people in Africa are Black there is nothing racist about...
Btw did anybody complain bout the people in RE4? Cant remember bout that.. =/

techie3394d ago

Read the will make more sense...mentions difference between re4 as well.

General Chase3394d ago

You know what, they had I think just one, maybe two, black zombies in Resident Evil 1-3, and not once was there any complaining about it. Now that the setting is in Africa, and in Africa, if I am not mistaken, the population is a majority black. So, God forbid, we have to kill black zombies with a white guy.

Just think of the backlash there would be if the main character was black and he was killing all white zombies! That's the biggest double standard ever right there, because I know it would be just fine.

TruthbeTold3394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

The imaginary game you mention will never even be considered, because no one would buy it.

But would you buy RE5 if the hero character was Black? Because apparently Capcom is under the impression that no one would. If you and all the rest of these progressive minded folk here on N4G wrote them and let them know that you'd "Love" to play a game with a hero that doesn't look like you we might see it someday.

If you'd step up to the plate, the conditions for which this game exists as it does wouldn't exist. There may not be much actual hate involved, but this situation from it's very inception is ALL about race.

Don_Frappucino3394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

This isn't racist.

MiloGarret3394d ago

That is probably due to either 1) you are very young, 2) ignorant, or 3) a bit slow.

Anyone who doesn't understand how this game can be seen as racist is in desperate need of education, particularly history, sociology and social psycology.

StarsCream3394d ago

Milo Garret is either 1) very attention starved, 2) assumes he knows whats best for others, or 3) self-righteous. (also needs to be taught on broad generalizations)

"Anyone who doesn't understand" is a phrase used to generalize (ie, stereotype); basically doing something that Milo is supposedly against. This game can be seen as racist, if that's what you are trying to portray it as. Milo is in desperate need of an education, particularly history, sociology and social >psycHology< (and grammar).

-fixed for moronitude

MiloGarret3394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

Sorry for the grammar error, I get confused you see, considering english is only one out 5 languages I speak, and no, it's not my mother tongue. But go ahead and feel smart, we all know you aren't (See comment 13.1).

For someone attempting to teach me english you seem to have a very poor understanding of the word generalize and its uses, is generalizations really only used to build up and reinforce stereotypes? When did I say generalizing is a bad thing? As a social scientist I might argue that generalizations are one of the foundations of human knowledge (for more info google quantitative research, empiric research, or simply take a course in statistics). Perhaps someday you'll go to a real school/college and learn the true meaning and use of the word, maybe they'll also teach you not to nit pick and isolate single words to draw extensive and incorrect conclusions based on assumptions.

And no, I'm not starved for attention, just bored, like most people on the internet.

Technically, I guess missing an h in psychology is a spelling mistake, not really grammatically incorrect...

Kushan3394d ago

If you're going to claim it's racist because it happens to have a white guy (With a black partner) shooting a bunch of black guys (amongst a bunch of white guys), then why didn't Far Cry 2 get any Flak? As far as I could tell, nearly all of the people you shot were black and nearly all of the main characters were white.

techie3394d ago

That's not true actually. I have played Far Cry 2. You're working with black characters a lot - and it's clear it's a war between factions, that innocent black people are stuck in the middle of.

The evidence given here seems to suggest there are scenes of brutality involving uninfected Africans...rather than what the game should do - show that they are innocent African's being infected.

I'm worried the mainstream media is going to pick on this one :/

Foxgod3394d ago

Isnt she from india ?

Also why did nobody complain about Farcry 2 ?

Foxgod3394d ago

If you know the story it may be clear that far cry 2 is about innocent africans being held down by a black foreigner.

However, if you dont know the story, and just view some screenshots, then its just a game with a white guy shooting on black people.
Same deal as Resident evil, if you know the story youl know a plague has broken out.

techie3394d ago

But Fox - Eurogamer clearly says that the issue isn't the media of African zombies being killed. This isn't racist - we had this argument after the first trailer. It's about the game and story in it - the images within the full game, not just screenshots.

It'd be wrong to call the game racist from the images of African's being shot by Chris...but if what EG says is true, it could indeed be considered to have racist imagery. Maybe - we'll have to wait until the game comes out for us to make our own minds up I suppose.

Foxgod3394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

Well, the report states that theres uninfected africans in the game that misbehave, and that could be considered racism.

However, the reality in Afica is FAR WORSE, then what this game shows, so the media should shutup, this game doesnt show children being raped, mothers being burned to dead and kids rotting on the floor while a bunch of other africans are eating and looking at it as if its normal.

None of these things happen in the game, but they do happen in Africa, so perhaps they should look at reality first, before trying to knockdown on a game.

Cause its extremely hypocrite

poeo3394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

why do you talk about Africa as if it's just one country, one culture, one type of africans?

you do realize it is a massive continent with 53 different countries, all with DIFFERENT CULTURES and different ethnicities? in reality, Africa is much more diverse (genetically proven fact) than say Europe.. and Europe isnt that homogenized either.

so you saying that "kids rotting on the floor while a bunch of other africans are eating and looking at it as if its normal", sounds really f*cking prejudiced to be honest. what african country are you talking about? Botswana? South Africa? Senegal? Kenya?

just replace the word "africans" with "asians", and you'll realize how ridiculous you sound..

DaTruth3394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

When I was playing FarCry 2, it was a black guy killing other black guys and the main bad guy was white. They gave you a choice in that game of being whatever race you are. That eliminates all possibility of being called racist.

@Foxgog: You're an idiot! One example of what happened in Africa is when the diamond companies(De Beers) were paying people to hack the arms off of everyone trying to stop the diamond mining and stealing land. Almost all of the problems in Africa are being caused by some foreign white dudes trying to make money. see C.I.A

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Yi-Long3394d ago

... isnt it the INTENTION to be intimidated by your surroundings, being kept on edge by not knowing who is good or bad in your surroundings? That's not racist. It's making sure you always have that awkward feeling while playing the game that you are ina strange place where you 'don't belong', and almost everyone could be, or is, out to get you.