GameSpy: Why Resident Evil 5 Doesn't Suck

GameSpy writes: "In the three days that I've had the three-chapter preview build of Resident Evil 5, I've heard a lot of criticisms from a lot of different people. Now, some of these are totally valid criticisms, while others are more subjective and seem based on individual tastes... still others are completely ludicrous. So, I thought I'd take a moment to take these criticisms on point by point and let you in on which are grounded in reality and which are simply trumped-up hokum."

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Wife Of The Bad Guy3396d ago

Just because RE4 was great for its time and had the same control scheme RE5 is going to use,how on Earth does this mean RE5 is automatically going to be awesome when it launches next month?

Games and videogame code EVOLVES over time,I honestly do not care whether RE5 is an action game or a horror survival game,I DO CARE whether or not the gameplay experience is fluid and responsive.It's not fluid and responsive,and it-the sluggish controls-being deliberately cumbersome doesn't add a layer of thrill as the developers might have hoped for,rather,it adds a layer of annoyance that all and any gamer interested in the product shouldn't have to deal with.

I'll never spend $60 bucks on a flawed gameplay experience.In other words,I'm never going to own RE5 until the controls allow me to move while shooting/attacking the enemy.

jammy_703396d ago

i hated the demo

felt like last gen like dreamcast lol

LTC3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

Because its on 360. There finding excuses to give it full marks. What I find really odd with this site is that they have not given yet 1 PS3 exclusive full marks(its always 4.5/5)

1up and even gamespot are better. They are a biased site(check all there metacritic ratings).

YouNoob3396d ago

are just clueless NOOBS. If played right this game is as fluid as it gets. Unfortunately there are way to many ppl without skills playing video games these days. getting the hang of the controls was always a part of RE and it's called LEARNING CURVE.

rhesusattack3396d ago

When are people going to stop passing off bad control design as "deliberate" for the sake of making the game more frightening?