Free Radical renamed Crytek UK

Crytek has shared its official word on yesterday's MAXIMUM BUYOUT of Free Radical Design, revealing that the Nottingham TimeSplitters dev is to be renamed 'Crytek UK'.

The Frankfurt, Germany based developer said that FRD would now be "integrated into Crytek's network".

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PirateThom3576d ago

I'm still going to call them Free Radical.

Gobuz3576d ago

You "will" be assimilated, resistance is futile...

Helghast Slayer3576d ago

Hmm i sense a crysis port coming sometime in the near future.

thor3576d ago

This is a good idea. Don't want them to be associated with Haze now do we.

PataponKnight3576d ago

Lol Haze 2 using the CryEngine2. That would be hawt.

rushbd3576d ago

Maybe they'll use them to release console games !! Imagine Time splitters 3 using CryEngine 2 :D

TwelveGauge-GT3576d ago