EA will "succeed" when it addresses Wii audience, says Pachter

EA's right to focus heavily on Wii to bring itself through its financial crisis, Wedbush Morgan's Michael Pachter has told VG247, and that success in the Wii market is nothing short of pivotal to the publisher's survival.

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Shnazzyone3598d ago

Another quantity over quality game developer focusing on wii. Left 4 dead wii next perhaps?

sonarus3598d ago

Release mass effect on PS3 and that should net them a nice sum.
Also if they can get valve to release L4D as well thats more money in their pocket. It isn't enough but its definitely a good start

dib8rman3598d ago

Care about the source of this article is little.

As I understand it VG247 aren't doing their job, they asked Michael Pachter to do their job for them... Pacther doesn't do his job either, most Analysts that do their jobs tend to be recognized by analysts and added as a resource, this makes analyzing the industry much more time consuming; he shouldn't have the ability to give VG247 even the time of day.

Anyway, EA can't succeed on Wii platform in their current form, in the words of Shigeru Miyamoto "They should put their A teams on the Wii and not their E and F..." All Miyamoto is saying is that resources should be appropriated for the Wii from within the licensing companies in a way that Nintendo appropriates it's resources.

Nintendo's success on the Wii platform is because of their approach to the non-existing audience, for EA to use the term "core" in the types of games they are bringing to the Wii means that they are either lying to themselves and their share holders or they reffer to the group that bought MoH and Madden/All-Play and so on, they do not mean Nintendo's core who bought Mario Galaxy and Brawl and Mario Kart or even "Wii" titles. The reason for this is because they said 50% of their titles will appear on the Wii platform, this doesn't mean 50% of the resources that EA can provide will appear on the Wii. EA should be saying that they want to create a demand for EA games and that the Wii's accesible controls only enhance the possibility of success to a wider audience.

- After that EA would establish a new "EA core" on Wii platform, which would buy a Nintendo console for EA games. This is just how Nintendo has done it and just how history has revealed it.