Monster Hunter Portable 2 sales amaze and give PSP momentum

Capcom's latest Monster Hunter game has sold an amazing 750,000 copies in just its first week - even more than Final Fantasy III and Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker managed on the DS and propelled the PSP console to sell nearly 100,000 units. In fact, only first party titles Pokemon Diamond / Pearl and New Super Mario Brothers sold quicker on DS. The five ten DS / PSP first weeks are:

1. DS Pokemon Diamond / Pearl (Nintendo) 1,653,250
2. DS New Super Mario Bros (Nintendo) 923,500
3. PSP Monster Hunter Freedom 2 (Capcom) 755,500
4 .DS Dragon Quest Monsters Joker (Enix) 619,750
5. DS Final Fantasy III DS (Square) 507,500

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timmyp534225d ago

that game is hard as hell. How do you find the items to upgrade your weapons.