Why I choose to buy my games…Now.

We all know that piracy in the gaming world and out, is unavoidable. GamerStyle tells the story of one gamer and why they don't pirate games now. If you currently don't buy your games, or are thinking of no longer buying them, this article is well worth a read. No judgements, just an honest article from a dedicated gamer.

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davidadrake3453d ago

I had my original xbox for a couple of years before modding it so I could use Xbox media center, and download games. I was happy that I decided to download games rather than pay for them beacause some of them were pretty horrible and I only played them once.

There are several reasons why I did not do that with my 360. Of course Live is the main reason, but also the fact that most games come out with a demo, and I can find out that way that I do not like the game. If that was available on the original xbox, I might not have modded it. Also achievements are a major aspect of my gaming, as I get major replayability from games.

Side not, I had about 25 retail xbox games, and have purchased about 30 360 retail games and about as many arcade games.

Just my thoughts.