First Official Watchmen Screens and Art Released by Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. released today the first official screenshots and artwork from its upcoming downloadable episodic action series, Watchmen: The End is Nigh, based of course on Alan Moore's celebrated 1986 graphic novel.

The screens highlight the game's two playable characters, Nite Owl and Rorschach, and their personal fighting styles.

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jkhan3450d ago

Is it me or the game looks really mehhh :|
I don't like to compare games but seriously i hope this looks better in motion. I don't how the third party devs gonna maintain there own when compared to first party titles there games looks last gen.

Sangria3450d ago

You know what it is, adaptations, etc... There will be a Watchmen movie, then we HAVE to have a Watchmen video game. Same for Quantum Of Solace, Hulk, Iron Man, etc...

Sangria3450d ago

I've actually never heard about Watchmen, i've checked the Wikipedia article and i must say i'm very intrigued, it's a very interesting plot for a comic book, but i guess i'll have to discover it through the movie.

Baba19063450d ago

my favorite comic of all time. its amazing a piece of art, and i dont think that the movie or the game can capture that. i still hope tis gonna be fun.

Spoon2013450d ago

You should definitely go read it before you see the movie.

Spoon2013450d ago

Those screens look terrible hopefully the final version will look better that. Not sure how I fell about this being a game.