IGN AU: Mass Effect 2: List of Demands

IGN AU writes: "Space. The final frontier. Home to beings of all races, fleets of ships and countless alien worlds. It's also home to one Commander Shephard – male or female, pretty or ugly, saintly hero or a total jerkface. Mass Effect was the game that tied all these elements together under a glorious mock-action banner and some lavish graphics. It also boasted a robust story with a flexible dialogue system, stellar voice acting and plot that was incredibly well paced and compelling enough to play through multiple times. With a sequel finally officially confirmed (and presumably a third somewhere in the pipeline), now's the time to start the speculation and reflection on what has come before.

Mass Effect, as far as raw gameplay was concerned, was far from perfect – there were a few points that were almost universally held against Bioware's would-be masterpiece, and these are the five points we want to see addressed in the sequel. Expect to hear some official information by this year's GDC in March and by E3 in June, but until then, enjoy our list of demands. "

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jkhan3454d ago

I would appreciate if they would cut down the loading behind elevator time. Atleast let us go through the inventory etc. Second thing I doubt which they will be able to fix if they are still using Unreal Engine is the slow streaming textures problem, that issue was in Gears 2 as well, but its not that prominent now. Again its not a deal breaker but still.
Lastly its a god damn RPG make it longer. I did all the side quests and all the missions and it took me only 22 hours on my first play through:|
I did around half the side missions and all the main missions and it took me around 12 hours on my second play through.
I loved MassEffect though. No question about it. It was RPG of the year for me.