TeamXbox: Resident Evil 5 Preview

TeamXbox writes: "With the release of Resident Evil 5 fast approaching, anticipation for this game is reaching a fever pitch. And I'm not talking about you, the readers, but even at the TeamXbox offices. When a build of RE5 appeared in our office a week or so ago, I quickly squirreled a disc away and dreamt of five o'clock when I could go hame and be alone with my new baby.

Imagine my surprise after a few hours of gaming when the game suddenly ended. A limited content build? Curse you Capcom! But really, I shouldn't bite the hand that feeds me. Getting to play more of the game than 99% of the population is a treat, and the kind of privilege that makes me love my job so much. So I really shouldn't complain too much about getting to play the first three chapters of the game, a feat that took me a decent chunk of time; multiple hours at least. And the final game will be here soon enough for me to sink my teeth into."

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