Source: Battlefield 1943 real, will be shown in Europe this week

VG247 has learned from a European source that the rumored Battlefield 1943: Pacific is "real, but still under wraps."

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Vahn163597d ago

Sounds cool, but hope this one isn't console exclusive, as rumored.

LinuxGuru3597d ago

It's about time the consoles got a true Battlefield exclusive. Bad company doesn't count.

I'm talkin' about a pure, multiplayer and single-player-with-bots only kinda Battlefield, like 1942, 2, and 2142.

Get rid of the single player story mode, we don't need it.

Warhawk is proof of the kind of quality and refinement you get when you focus on multiplayer aspects only.

So back to my original point...give us a REAL Battlefield on consoles, please. And keep your story mode, EA / Dice...we don't want it.