Alien Hominid HD Review by TeamXbox ( 9.3 )

Not only is Alien Hominid already critically acclaimed, but it also fits the formula perfectly in terms of what makes a successful XBLA product. Fifty megs worth of side scrolling action for right around ten bucks is a sweet deal, especially when considering that Alien Hominid is Flash fresh, and not some spritey ROM from twenty-plus years ago. Classic XBLA games have their place for sure, but new blood steeped in classic gaming principles is always more alluring for the next-gen piece of hardware known as the Xbox 360.

The best way to describe Alien Hominid to someone who knows nothing about it is that it's a futuristic, Flash version of SNK's Metal Slug series. So, you'll mainly be involved in side-scrolling running and gunning, but developer Behemoth added in a bit of extra fun, read on for a full review of the game by TeamXbox.

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