[OC] Mod Shop: Killzone 2 Review

Sony and Guerilla games have combined to produce the first must have game for 2009. Killzone 2 is a non-stop thrill ride that is easily the best first person shooter developed for the Playstation 3 console.

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jammy_703452d ago

i hope this site is on meta so it'll go back up to 94 =D o yeah!

LightningPS3PS33452d ago (Edited 3452d ago )

The PS3 is in a lot of trouble, even great games like Killzone 2 can't save them, because their console costs customers a fortune for crap they don't want like Blu ray.

Sony just shot themselves in the foot with Blu ray, and now the PS3 is damned, even with great games. Sony didn't even give themselves a chance this generation.

Edit: Yeah I say the same sh*t because Sony keeps making the same mistake, screwing their whole gaming department by continually charging for blu ray. Like Gamers buy consoles for HD movies, well they don't. They buy consoles for games. Microsoft has found a way to provide movies for the few who want them, but without charging an arm and a leg, and that's downloads. Because they know the main focus on these systems is games not HD movies.

ChilliDemon3452d ago

Are you stuck in a loop? Doomed to repeat the same jaded opinions ad-infinitum? Please stop flaming and grow a brain cell.

GamerPS3603452d ago

Sony can shoot themselves, or hang all I care. I know that I will be still playing KZ2 and as a gamer, I see very good line up on Sony's bag. I make no money buying games. Trust me :D

M-Easy3452d ago

Is this site on Metacritic?

Cajun Chicken3452d ago

Jesus c****t, you are getting desperate.

PoSTedUP3452d ago

oh man this games gunna be great, whats that? only on the ps3? huh? haylow what? haylow kitty vs intence badass KZ2? yea right man ps3 is my console of choice.

DK_Kithuni_713452d ago

I have a

Sony PlayStation 3
Sony KDL-40X4500
Sony RHT-G900

What more does a multimedia freak need? And I do love my Blu-Ray's. Big time!

LightningPS3PS33452d ago

The PS3 is the next Sega Saturn.

GamerPS3603452d ago

This kid is really disturbed.

Just a couple hour ago, he was making very logistic comments and now all kiddie comments.

Cajun Chicken3452d ago

Bet you he only learnt 'Sega Saturn' in his vocabulary today.

ChilliDemon3452d ago

Look, you've obviously got issues that you want to get off your chest. I don't have a problem with that. So why not just write a well-reasoned article to air them, instead of highjacking threads like this with irrelevent vitriol?

Rhythmattic3452d ago (Edited 3452d ago )

There is no zone for you Lightning.......... Opps, yes there is, its called the deadzone.

PS. I love to see great K2 Scores, but WTF is ????????

First time I've heard of it.

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XtreemGamer3452d ago

Yep.. perfect score for a perfect game :)

Firstkn1ghT3452d ago

A perfect score? This game clearly has some drawbacks. Must be a biased site.

Cajun Chicken3452d ago

Fascinating that people kept quiet about that issue during Halo 3.

Llort3452d ago

Firstkn1ght, why did you PM me telling me you bought yourself a PS3 for Killzone 2?

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The story is too old to be commented.