Spike: Killzone 2 Review

After a long gestation period, the initial embryonic CG trailer that dropped jaws at E3 2005 finally has a chance for vindication. With a near half-decade incubation, there are a lot of questions for Sony's first heavy hitter of 2009

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Llort3597d ago

Everybody loves Killzone 2. Literally.

Microsoft should just bow down and leave the console war gracefully with their dignity intact.

LightningPS3PS33597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

David Reeves just finished handing Microsoft the console war, saying PS3 will suffer in market share in order to make profit, or Sony will pull the plug on the gaming market.

Who cares about Killzone 2 now, the PS3 is f*cked!

Cajun Chicken3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

'Recession' happened in your little world yet?

caladbolg7773597d ago

And in this statement lies your problem. You're focused so much on the console wars that you've forgotten that for us (gamers) it's all about the games.

Llort3597d ago

Sony shares are higher than Microsofts. Sony care about gaming, can Microsoft say the same thing. I don't think so.

ChilliDemon3597d ago

Who cares about Killzone2? Me and over 1 million others who have pre-ordered this title.

PirateThom3597d ago

And so the FUD starts.

Killzone 2 lived up to the hype in reviews.
Killzone 2 is getting good pre-order numbers.

Bubububu who cares about the PS3?

Well, it sold about the same amount of units as the 360 last year at double the price, so some one must care.

ChilliDemon3597d ago

.. or to give him his other name "Chicken Licken". Arrrggghhh. The sky is falling ... The sky is falling ...!!

Pennywise3597d ago

Lightning start saying something new or I will report you as spam for the same FUD over and over. You are like a parrot squawking for a cracker.... Change the tune, mr broken record.

Rhythmattic3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Your right LightningPS3PS3,

Maybe Sony should have made a console that fails, and put 1.1 Billion up for keeping the RROD issues out of court.

Yep, Definitely made a Profit. Everyone bought a Spare 360.. Not just in case, but because.

Hope you realise, everything I said went nowhere. [:-) Returning the Favor.

acedoh3597d ago

when all that 360 fanboys can hold onto is the PS3 is doomed. Trying to herald the masses with the same message they are like the uninformed choir trying to brainwash all the open minded people... Killzone 2 is the game that says:

-The PS3 can produce the best games graphically.
-The PS3 can create a blockbuster game.
-The PS3 can create a top of the line FPS.
-The PS3 is the console to have in 2009.

So in their irrational world they try to make statements like Resident Evil 5 looks just as good(Only if you are legally blind) and the game is getting lower scores than Halo 3. If you are open minded enough you will try to find a way to enjoy this game without worrying about the name of the console.

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CryofSilence3597d ago

I seem to recall seeing what is said in this review in the Gametrailers review... Anyone want to fill me in?

Oh, Gametrailers gave it a 9.2 if you want to add that to the score.

M-Easy3597d ago

Spike & GT are the same thing like X-play & G4. No need for two reviews so just C&P.

CryofSilence3597d ago

Ah, thanks for the clarification.

Lombax3597d ago

just thinking it was me having a strange sense of deja vu.

stagga3597d ago

Yeah, this review definitely seems familier, pretty sure I've read it somewhere already.

MeatAbstract3597d ago

"While Killzone 2 is not re-imagining the genre, it’s solid, beautiful, and challenging, with excellent multiplayer that makes it well worth the 60 bones. It falls short of legendary, but it’s sure to offer anyone who takes the plunge a visceral, tactical treat for the thumbs and eyes. It may be tough to get into, but once it gets its hooks in it won’t let go."

This game is going to rule. Not long till the demo now!