Gundam Musou PS3 Interview

On the eve of Gundam Musou's release in Japan, 1UP sat down with chief producer Yoshiyasu Horiuchi of Namco Bandai to discuss the game and its importance for the PS3 in Japan. Horiuchi has overseen the Gundam franchise for several years now and even personally produced One-Year War, arguably the best Gundam game released in Japan.

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the_bebop4280d ago

You beat me to posting this OutLaw. Hopfully this will give alot of People a better understanding of how good a game this is. I hope this game ends up being released in Australia, otherwise I will just Import it from the US since PS3 games are region free.

PureGamer4280d ago

this will sell, but its not for me

no_more_heroes4279d ago

which I really don't think it will be, the graphics don't exactly look like they will be winning any awards.