Not many Killzone 2 pre-orders in The Netherlands

PS3Hype writes: 'Today we've asked some of the game shops how the Killzone 2 pre-orders are selling. Almost every gameshop that we've asked replied with: Killzone 2 is popular, but there is no hype here yet. That's strange because in the UK Killzone 2 is at almost all shops the #1 pre-ordered game'.

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HoangLow3153d ago

who cares about the Netherlands

LinuxGuru3153d ago (Edited 3153d ago )

I do. I'm dutch and so is all my family. Way to be an ass!

Also, you can educate yourself with THIS:

Ngai3153d ago (Edited 3153d ago )

Lol HoangLow you dumb ass..
Who cares about pre-order? There's plenty of stores/games available. I never pre-order anything and get games first minute first day.

Squeezle3153d ago

......the Netherlands......

andyo133153d ago

this is just an article attempting to take small news and say its a big problem. Netherland probably never pre order games cause they don't have need to.

they could say wii has little demand in New Zealand(which is true)

Mainman3153d ago

I am Dutch too. I didnt pre-order this game. I will probably pick it up on the day of release. Or pre-order it a couple of days before the release.

vloeistof3153d ago

uhm you know killzone 2 is made here right

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Wife Of The Bad Guy3153d ago

The Ad campaign kicks off globally next week,expect more Pre-orders.

PirateThom3153d ago

Netherlands is next in line to get Killzowned.

THC CELL3153d ago

they wont really pre order
they will buy day one
not like the game will run out of stock

Alexious3153d ago

We have a saying here, you can't be a prophet in your country. Judging from average NL media scores on Killzone 2, that's really true.

nix3153d ago

good one dude... q:

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The story is too old to be commented.