More rumors about possible Killzone 2 multiplayer demo

PS3Hype writes: 'Yesterday we've posted a rumor about the Killzone 2 demo. Someone at Sony told us that the demo would not only contains a half singleplayer mission, but also a multiplayer mode. A few hours after the post some website's killed the rumor, but now there are some more details'.

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Hellsvacancy3596d ago

If it had a multiplayer level Sony would say so

slymaddox3596d ago

I'm sure EU was surprised when they found out that they are getting the demo.

Coffin873596d ago

@1.0: agreed. this is just BS.
@1.1: i live in europe, and that's quite true. but we all know guerilla was dutch, so there were chances. ;D

za3redrum3596d ago

It isn't hyped enough, so why not hype the bullshit again? It's just 100% bullshit. I don't know which source they have, maybe they're grandma? It just not gonna happen, Sony confirmed.

Phalken_Six3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

*scratches head* MP or no MP personally Im just thankful that they give us a demo. Thank you Sony and GG!


Heck its 5am here in Chicago and no demo. Try back later afternoon on after 5pm

TrueSix3596d ago

when is the demo coming to psn?

DERKADER3596d ago

no one knows probably when the psn store updates.

DanSolo3596d ago

Although its unlikely theres gonna be any multiplayer in the demo, maybe there will be an offline bot filled map to mess about with or something.
But either way who gives a [email protected], you get to have a blat at the game and any thing else is just a bonus.
Hopefully it will live up to the hype as the game is sounding pretty fcking good so far!

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The story is too old to be commented.