Halo Wars and Resident Evil 5-OXM Reviews

04.02.09 - New reviews of the American "Official Xbox 360 magazine".

Halo Wars (Xbox 360, Microsoft): 9.0/10
Resident Evil 5 (Xbox 360, Capcom): 9.0/10

Complete list of scores and details inside the link.

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Wife Of The Bad Guy3454d ago

Not bad,much higher than expected score for RE5.

Looks like they're going to give it a pass for having outdated controls.

GrieverSoul3454d ago (Edited 3454d ago )

RE5 score shocked me! I didnt expect to score so high due to all the hate towards the controls. I really hope ill get used to them in order to enjoy the game!

Halo Wars is a flop right? It didnt score above 9.9, right?
/end of sarcasm/

Cool Hwhip3454d ago

The run and gun controls are going to be in the retail version,so the controls aren't going to be outdated...

GrieverSoul3454d ago

Can u back that up with solid proof?!
It was rumoured only to be dismissed!

Cool Hwhip3454d ago

When did they dismiss it,I thought a Capcom guy went on an interview and confirmed it?

jammy_703454d ago

payed them to give halo wars a good score :P

you all no its true :P

SL1M DADDY3454d ago

Sorry bud, but Capcom denounced any such truth to the new controls. You can do a search here on N4G and find the article that states this.

prowiew3454d ago

two 9.0 scores. How convenient

Tapewurm3454d ago

This game will be sweet...the controls are's Resident Evil people..... stop the whining and get to playing. The series has lasted this long for a reason....quit crying about control setups and just be glad it's coming out in the first place.

monkey6023454d ago

The only reason I want run and gun as an option is to please the others who have an interest in the game. I'm happy without out it. Even if there was the option I wouldnt use it.

They should just release the run and gun option and make an Achievement/Trophy for clearing the game without it.

Doppy3454d ago (Edited 3454d ago )

I'd say the Resident Evil 5 review (based off the time I had with the demo) is about right. I expect this game to get a couple of 9's a lot of 8's and low scores from gamers who have their own site. I think Resident Evil 5 is going to get a ton of mixed reviews because the majority of gamers hate the controls, which is stupid. Mirror's Edge had terrible controls, but over 1 million people got use to them.

Let me refresh my statement both Resident Evil 5 and Mirror's Edge have different controls. They nothing like you average game, and people are complaining, because they have to learn something new to play those games Overall I expect Resident Evil 5 to get a meta or gamerankings between 85 - 89 because of different controls.

As far as Halo Wars I guess. I've never been a fan of RTS so I have no say in the matter.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3454d ago

"@Cool Hwhip
Can u back that up with solid proof?!
It was rumoured only to be dismissed!"

Xbox Live marketplace there is an OXM interview with Capcom "There will be action controlls like Gears of War" You want solid proof? download the video... oh I forgot it's not on the PS3.

JHUX3454d ago

Why dis all of your posts are non sense, just because he doesn't have a 360, doesn't mean he wants every game to fail on 360. I'm a big RTS fan, and have many on my PC, and played one on console a long time ago, and safe to say it wasn't enjoyable, but I'm a fan of the developers behind this game, and would love to see them pull it off (even though it appears they already have).

Oh and whydis.. I recall you were saying that the OPM reviews for kz2 should not be taken seriously, since they were going to be obviously biased... lol hypocrite. (keep in mind thats not my way of thinking, I trust both OXM, OPM).

Good to see RE5 score well to, I have yet to play the demo, but am a big fan of the series, so I will definitely be getting it.

EDIT: Sorry replied to the wrong person! :(

Kushan3453d ago

RE5's controls are part of the bloody game, they're designed that way to make the swarms of "Zombies" (or whatever you want to call them) more thrilling as they get closer and closer.
If you want to run and gun down hoards of them, go play L4D. Re4 has the same controls and was one of THE best games of the last generation, I fail to see the problem.

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LightningPS3PS33454d ago

Halo Wars seriously blows, I'm thinking as a gamer, no way I'm wasting my time playing that.

CryofSilence3454d ago (Edited 3454d ago )

I'm honestly surprised at the Halo Wars score (I expected something like that for RE5). I wonder if it is for publicity or it actually is good. Anyway, kudos if it can pull off a decent RTS console experience. I'll wait for more reviews before I decide. I'm not buying it though since I don't own an Xbox 360.

GamerPS3603454d ago

RE5 rocks. I loved RE4 and RE5 is simply better.

Why dis3454d ago (Edited 3454d ago )

Your comment doesn't make sense.

Maybe you just want to see if a console RTS works for the thrill of it?

All the previews are good for Halo Wars so being shocked one way or the other is nonsense.

Foxgod3454d ago

Actually, so far this is the only score out, and it says Halo wars doesnt blow at all.

Fishy Fingers3454d ago

I thought official mags weren't a trusted source? At least that was the general consensus among 360 fans when the first KZ2 reviews came out from OPMs.

Only jessing, good scores, I'll give the Halo Wars demo a spin when I get the chance.

gogators3454d ago

the demo is soon to be or is now available, but the game isn't out. This game can turn out any which way and no one will know until they can have a go for themselves.

While you don't have to have a 360 to form an opinion on it's games, you really don't seem to have the ability to form your own opinion here; except to rely on otherwise opinions. Why both of you two up top even care is really only up to each you.

M-Easy3454d ago

Fishy fingers. its amazing what a difference a console makes.

heroicjanitor3454d ago

Do you just troll both the 360 and ps3 section? You always talk sh*t about the ps3, but now you are saying that Halo Wars blows? Or do you actually have the idea in your head that you are a "true gamer" and no one else is? I play a lot of games but I don't call myself a gamer because that sounds gay and isn't as cool as you might think.

Deadman643454d ago

not surprised at the halo wars score....ensemble did do it. its bound to be good.

ThanatosDMC3453d ago

I hope it doesnt turn out to be another game like Too Human. Damn, i bought into that mess with all the BS hype that surrounded it. Good thing i was able to return it.

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Llort3454d ago

Official Xbox Magazine couldn't even give Halo Wars a 10/10. That's sad.

Confirmed FLOP.

Why dis3454d ago

So PS3 games are not really that good?

Jerk1203454d ago

When you take into consideration that this game is an RTS and based off of the Halo franchise like some spinoff, it also being on a console you realize that giving it a 9/10 is the same as giving an FPS a 10/10.

dustgavin3454d ago

9.0 is not a bad score but your logic makes no sense. It is not like a 10 on a fps. Nice try though.

Deadman643454d ago

lol and how much you wanna bet Halo wars will still manage to outsell killzone 2 (aka ps3's last hope)

dustgavin3454d ago

Ps3's last hope? Now you are REALLY reaching. As for sales.....check any online store or site. Killzone 2 is at number 1 and preorders are over a million in Europe alone. Halo Wars is sitting somewhere around 8 or 9.

Arnon3454d ago

I think Llort here is starting to feel threatened by Halo Wars lulz.

pswi603453d ago

it's probably a decent game, so i'll be downloading the demo to try it out.

Jerk1203453d ago

It's not my logic that doesn't make sense. It's your inability to comprehend English that makes it have no sense.

Reread it again and you'll see that it does make sense.

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GamerPS3603454d ago (Edited 3454d ago )

Halo Wars Hmm..
I need to look into this game.. Does anyone know if there will be demo?

edit : Thanks man.. Bubble.

Firstkn1ghT3454d ago

The Official Xbox Mag is pretty tough with their reviews. Man Halo Wars is going to be HUGE!

3454d ago
GamerPS3603454d ago

Dude, why do you care ??
2 different games on 2 different console. You logic doesn't really apply.

Firstkn1ghT3454d ago

Killzone 2??? HAHA! I bet it kills you to know that Halo 3 is rated higher than Killzone 2. :)

Vecta3454d ago

Llort do you seriously believe that Microsoft has to do much for Halo Wars to sell a lot?

I mean its got the word Halo on its front cover.

Im guessing a lot of Halo fans will pick it up even if they have never ever touched a RTS before, and then most likely most of them will return the game because they will find any RTS to complicated...

Personally I will be getting Dawn of War 2 for my RTS needs unless the Halo Wars demo blows me out of the water.

CryofSilence3454d ago (Edited 3454d ago )

In all fairness, what FPS competition did Halo 3 have at the time of its release?

Resistance and.... not a whole lot more.

Frood3454d ago

2 big demos out today can't wait to try em both. Please don't dis until you've tried em

PimpDaddy3454d ago

This news article is about 2 game reviews for 360 games. WTF does this have to do with Killzone2. Take you petty jealousy and insecurity elsewhere.

On topic: I am interested in how Halo Wars scores on other websites too. I also wonder if Capcom has time to tweek the controls everyone hates so much before the game releases...

Why dis3454d ago (Edited 3454d ago )

I would welcome a Resi 5 patch for the controls so at least the devs would own up to their promise of the *ACTION CONTROL* mode.

Somebody just PMed me saying Llort is NASIM is that a name?

Rock Bottom3454d ago (Edited 3454d ago )

"Somebody just PMed me saying Llort is NASIM is that a name?"

It's an adjective 360 fanboys use on N4g to describe PS3 fanboys who troll 360 articles...


3454d ago
Jerk1203454d ago

Llort isn't Nasim.

Nasim is stupid.. not that Llort is any different but well.. Nasim is like a mental issues kind of stupid and he can't type for sh!t without going ''HAHAHAZASDFASF'' in his post.

If he was Nasim you'd KNOW because Nasim is so damn obvious, he uses the same posting pattern with each new account and therefore impossible to miss.

Nasim is an annoying, consistant PS3 troll who keeps ban evading and making new accounts.

AngryHippo3454d ago

'Real gamers play RTS on PC not on an Xbox 360. Especially Halo Wars.' No, real gamers play great games, regardless of console. Stop being such a complete douche.

Firstkn1ghT3454d ago

9 Disagrees for my comment about Halo 3 having a higher average than Killzone 2???? HAHA. Pressing that lil disagree button isn't going to change the fact that Halo 3 IS RATED HIGHER than KZ2. :)

Llort3454d ago

You're half right, Real gamers play great games on the PS3.

Sorry but Halo Wars isn't gonna take off, especially with it debuting the same day as Killzone 2. It's just bad marketing.

It's not insecurity or jealously, it's solidarity and being anchored enough in reality to know when something as predictable as a RTS is gonna sink on a console.

I can see it now, waving good-bye in the big murky depths of impartial reviewers drowning it in a sea of 6/10's and 5/10's.

callahan093454d ago

I agree CryoSilence. Meant to click agree and accidentally hit disagreee.

The 360 had... what? Call of Duty 2 and Perfect Dark Zero. Both were ridiculously outdated in terms of both graphics and what they offered in multiplayer by the time Halo 3 came out. Resistance on the PS3 was the most Halo-like of the FPS games on the market at that time. Halo 3 really didn't have much to compete with when it came out. It was a good game, though. But who cares that it has a higher metacritic average than Killzone 2. Would you like to play Halo 3 for the rest of your life, or would you like something new to play? Halo's a year and a half old now. I welcome new games.

read disc error3454d ago

Yes, I welcome new games, too.

That is why I will be buying Halo Wars.

Or haven't you heard? The demo is awesome.

CrimsonReLLiK3454d ago

Well, if u all haven't already noticed... TROLL spelled backwards is LLORT... could u have possibly expected anything acceptable from him?

callahan093454d ago

Yeah, I heard the demo's up. See, I have some stuff going on in my life called Obligations, and while I sometimes get access to the internet throughout my day, I have to wait until the end of the day before I can play videogames, and even then I often don't get the chance (unfortunately).

I'll play the demo of Halo Wars when I get the chance, and I hope it's as awesome as I've heard (I'm sure it will be). I doubt it'll have much new to offer, though, in terms of strategy games. But, then again, maybe it does offer a lot of new stuff. I understand it does a good job of revolutionizing console RTS controls, which would be a major plus if they pulled that off as well as I've heard they have. I'll find out (hopefully) tonight. If not tonight, then sometime this weekend.

Marojado3454d ago

I have Killzone downloading on my PS3 and Halo Wars downloading on my 360 as I speak, canne wait :) what's the general consensus on the demo? I've seen quite a few positive things on sites for Halo Wars, but i wouldn't expect anything less from Ensemble.

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