170° Giving Away a Killzone 2 Demo Code is giving away a Killzone 2 Demo Code to one lucky member!

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TrevorPhillips3154d ago

i just register hope i get in :)

shadowghost7523154d ago (Edited 3154d ago )

edit: you could just a euro account if you don't get in

cryymoar3154d ago

about a million free demo codes away if i wanted. My gamestop store still has plenty. we received about 3 packs of codes :)

M-Easy3154d ago

Like shadowghost said. And its less work creating a EU account than begging for a code.

lociefer3154d ago

how generous of them , 1 code , looll , just get a eu account , only few hours to go now

andyo133154d ago

be fair man, don't hog our servers. we don't hog yours. its the first time we got decent content for once compared to you guys, we don't get any of the cool stuff like a video store. be kind and lets play by the rules.

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ps3center3154d ago

My bad .. edited "Beta" to "Demo"

LinuxGuru3154d ago

Wow, ONE demo code of one of the most anticipated games of this

Fishy Fingers3154d ago

Follow this intensive guide to obtain a free copy of the Killzone demo...

Ready? It gets pretty technical? Ok here goes...

Make EU account, Download demo, Play.

PM me if you need further guidance ;)

darkdoom30003154d ago

So many people will be killzowned if the demo is region locked. It would make sense, considering people with atleast half a brain would go make a euro account.

Doesnt matter for me. Im in europe region! mwahahaha.

TheMART3154d ago

I'll laugh my ass off if the Eu demo will be region locked because USA has the demo code give aways.

For once Europe will have the better deal. Go Sony!

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The story is too old to be commented.