MotorStorm Review by IGN

"So the question is, does the game live up to and properly recreate what we saw in the target video? Yes and no. The game doesn't look quite as good (though it is certainly a system showpiece), but it does come extremely close to bringing the chaos that we saw in the video to the PlayStation 3."

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NextGen24Gamer4307d ago

Right in the 8'ish range is where it will be when all reviews are averaged out. I think that IGN definately rated it on the high 8 side for the same reason they rated resistance when it came out. Its just nice to see "Good" games being released finally. Not a classic due to the low amount of tracks and the limited online variations....but still a solid 8 as I predicted. Without rumble it feels like you are floating around the track...I would have docked a few points just for that alone...but obviously IGN didn't take that into consideration in their review. With rumble, more tracks, and more online options.....i would give it a solid 9.1 . But minus those things.... 8.3 . But thats just my humble opinion. But when "GOOD" games are far and few....Reviewers tend to show a little extra love to the decent titles....Sony needs a real AAA title and needs it quick folks.

wildcat4307d ago (Edited 4307d ago )

I actually think IGN did a good review on it because they took the whole experience into consideration, not just options, but the seriously intense crashes and the "exhilirating" gameplay. With the other features it would have gotten a 9ish, but how the HELL can you ignore an 8.9?

MikeMichaels4307d ago

...oh i hear them comming now

rowdy 14306d ago

I've downloaded this game and it is very fun. It's extrememly competive, you've really gotta do some driving. Nomatter what the haters say. This game is on the top of my list.

MoonDust4307d ago

Looks like a fun game, but not this hyped up thing everyone thought it would be. It will still be a great game to play with friends.

GaMr-4307d ago (Edited 4307d ago )

No punches pulled in the review. Its a dammn good review for a dammn good game. This game marks the end of the "Game Drought" EVER CONSOLE GOES THROUGH in its early stages. I wonder if when the 360 dropped well before Gears and oblivion if people where saying it needs a triple A title. PS3 has not had its day in the Son. Its just starting to show a little muscle. With plenty more to come. Lair is looking hella good. And this just goes to show. Indepth gameplay and lush graphics will take most peoples mind right off the rumble. I remember back in the PS2 days when I got a new Kick A55 game. I would be soo anxious to play it. I would play through the whole dammn game and completely forget to turn on the Force Feed Back. Even though some games came with it defaulted on. Other games over did force feed back I remember having to turn it off in metal Gear cause it got sorta obnoxious. Im not saying Force Feed Back is bad. I just never seen a good game get knocked because of lack of rumble. The day a review and it says "Would of been a triple A title but it doesnt have rumble" then i'll be pissed. But I highly doubt that. Rumble is the Cherry on Top of the Icing on the Cake. And with Motorstorm their is alot of Cake and Alot of icing. Keep pumping these out Sony. Good to see you have the formula that sets your apart from the others. Amazing a 8.9 Score and no guns ; )

Torch4307d ago (Edited 4307d ago )


Or for those hardcore aficionados looking to emulate the PS2's rumble as precisely as possible:

An electric razor.

Seriously, you guys can actually wholeheartely claim with a straight face that you even vaguely notice that miniscule buzz-buzz that everyone's ranting about once you're all hot into a game?

Oh, come now, gentlemen!

A little insignificant tickling of the fingers = Oh-so Last-Generation

Wireless motion control = NOW, DAMMIT! NOW!!!

MikeGdaGod4307d ago (Edited 4307d ago )

i really miss the rumble. no its not the most important thing in the world, but i'd be lying if i said i didn't want it back. what people don't realize is that rumble IS important to some people.

it's not so important that i wouldn't buy the system. but if you REALLY want to get into the games, and you have EVERYTHING else, ie...bluetooth headset, HDtv, stereo system, why not have rumble. if you don't like it you can turn it off like always. but at least everyone can be happy. if you've seen any of my previous post this is really my main gripe with the ps3 and i already own one.

InMyOpinion4307d ago

You guys really are desperate. Now you say "who needs rumble?". A couple of days ago you defended your precious Ps3 by saying "It will get 3rd party rumble controllers". You really can't admit to yourself that not having rumble is a flaw, instead you go into Extreme Denial Mode.

Motorstorm is an offroad game...offroad means lots of bumps...lots of bumps go hand in hand with rumble. Stop lying to yourselves!

The game looks very good. First Ps3 game that really impresses me and that I would buy.

rowdy 14306d ago

Yeah. Lair is looking hella good. I will be downloading this flow game to see what it's about. And rumble is cool I use it still for SOCOM(Rowdy-Yates) online but don't need it for Resistance online(LeviRukus)because the screen is shaking. Can't wait for Lair though. The thing I love the most about the PS3 is that every game is not a shooter game there is variety.

techie4306d ago

Bring on the rumble! Damn I wish Sony would be quick and have the rumble ready for the Eurpean launch. That would be sweet. Don't think so though. Can't wait til those rumble sixaxis controls come out.

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wildcat4307d ago

Strip all of the stores of that slow ass demo that can't be controlled and replace it with a level of the finished game.

DJ4307d ago

"Sony has jump-started its newest racing franchise in a fantastic way. Yes, the limited number of tracks and gameplay options hold it back quite a bit, but the fundamental racing is incredible. The variety in vehicle types is great, the track designs are awesome and the online is extremely fun. We simply cannot wait for a sequel."

This game is obviously a must-buy. They seriously need to put the final version in demo kiosks, and revamp with a ton of new demos as soon as possible. The marketing already started up in Gamestop (big poster), but I wanna see this stuff on TV and in theaters.

Mr Murda4306d ago

I'm not sold that "we simply cannot wait for a sequel" is a good thing. This lends right into the review that there isn't enough variety or options. Sounds like they built a good racing engine with crisp graphics and solid controls, but don't offer enough "game". Basically they're saying that this game could be great "if". Well, I could say that about a lot of games, including a lot of Sh!tty ones.