PlayStation Store Update Hong Kong - 5 February

Nextgamer posted up the Hong Kong PlayStation Store update of 05 February 2009. Hit the jump for the full list of PS3 and PSP updates!

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tocrazed4you3449d ago

Must have killzone 2 demooo must be killzowneddd musttt play purdy fun game mustttt.... gettt.... killzone 2...

BrunoM3448d ago

well you just got to wait until later on today the EURO store is going to get the killzone demo so dont worry about it !!!

Cajun Chicken3448d ago

Killzone 2...demo, today for me? Jeez, how was I not informed of the specific date?!?

Sometimes I miss some big news in N4G.

Sarcasm3448d ago

What's Killzone 2? Is that a 360 exclusive?


Xulap3448d ago

Sarcasm, you wish, you dirty little Xbot fanboy.

That was sarcasm, Sarcasm.
Damn, too much "sarcasm" in this comment...

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Jackel20723448d ago

thats only on the UK store update or if you have pre-order code for the NA store.

Zip3448d ago

man im excited for that kz2 demo (Denmark)

BrunoM3448d ago

i know that the demo is out today on the EURO store .. im in NA but got an euro user lol... well point is what time normaly do you guys over there get the store updates ?

shadowghost7523448d ago

it varies between 4pm to around 6pm GMT

BrunoM3448d ago

Thank you Shadow!

lol the EbGames store here i did my pre order didnt have any more codes lol they say they are up to 350 preorders lol.. and these is a smal time ebgames

they say one of the downtown toronto stores its up to 800 lol they say there wont be any copys for sale for atlest 2 weeks lol..