Killzone 2 Multiplayer Preview

Jeff Gerstmann spends a few hours with Killzone 2 multiplayer and offers up a ton of nice details.

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Snow3334d ago (Edited 3334d ago )

tocrazed4you3334d ago

A great score for this game from giant bomb jeff loves this game. He even said if you haven't pre ordered this game yet do so. GASP

Nonsense 4 Gamers3334d ago (Edited 3334d ago )

I was in the multiplayer beta and it was AWESOME!
According to all the reviewers, the MP has been tweaked to make it even better.


jammy_703333d ago

but this game in general will own that ! =D

jammy_703333d ago

i bet 360 fanboys disagreed lol!!
o come on this will be the best fts this GEN =DDDD

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clintos593333d ago

Gertsman seems to love it, and so does many other reviewers who played the game. This game will be amazing online. :)

TheForgotten0ne3333d ago

And GameSpot didn't have enough time with the multiplayer they said...

YouNoob3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

wow, how innovative...

and no co-op? isnt it the year 2009? LOL!

let the psn lagfest beginn!

krakdol3333d ago

Go play Too Human or your 2009 exclusives... wait sorry, you have none.

Pennywise3333d ago

You have obviously never played Warhawk or 60 man R2. You seem to be the noob, younoob.

interrergator3333d ago

i dont care about coop idk y everybody is complaining about it u already have a coop feel to it

talltony3333d ago

If this game was on 360 with worse graphics you would praise this game to know end. Sucks to be you cause you dont get to play it.

poeo3333d ago

i can smell the bitterness in you.

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