Recession, choosy gamers lead to price drops on games

Are games getting cheaper? Research by EEDAR seems to show that, while looking at broad trends, more games priced lower than the $59.99 standard MSRP of "seventh generation" games are hitting store shelves. While this trend isn't as clear cut as the graphs may make it look, it's clear that consumers are becoming increasingly focused on the price of their entertainment.

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Huh3482d ago

that is a cut piggy

cryymoar3482d ago

something that nobody else would have thought about for the PS3 to jump in sales and possibly bump up to 2nd place would be to drop all new release prices back down to $49.99.
Especially if they can't afford a console price drop. I think that would win people over much more than a console price drop. People would be able to realize that the console might be a big up front cost, but they are going to be buying games over and over again so $49.99 on a new game is a damn good deal.