What do you think of Resident Evil 5's controls?

There is a storm brewing over the controls: will the full game include "run and gun" style controls or won't they? At first Capcom said they would, now there is some question as if they really exist as they surely do not in the demo. Take part in our poll and discuss what you thought of the controls if you did get a chance to check them out.

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Gerry Mark II3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

agreed but it wont stop the Resisdent Evil fanboys from taking our bubbles, and slaming the disagree button.

Seriously RE fanboys this is 2009, not 1999. Videogames are ment to evolve and adapt to the times.

Dead Space is the way to do things.

MURKERR3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

resi 5s controls havnt!dead space was scary as hell so the excuse that not being able to move causes tension is utter nonsense. i LOVED resi 4 but this is resi FIVE a nex-gen title,lets hope they release a patch

rucky3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

See it's not just here in N4G you're seeing these complaints. It's a widespread issue. Face it a lot of people did not really liked the control scheme.

chewy3173520d ago

Personally, i think the controls are kind of suited for Horror games, actually, i was aiming for the heads and running and gunning after 15 mins.

GrieverSoul3520d ago

There goes my bubbles!!!!

I dont think its the RE5 fans! Its the Killzone haters that want to have a AAA multiplatform game to counter a AAAA exclusive.

Anyone who is a true RE fan (like me) will endure the adaptation for these controls even though I admit they are £$%#! No matter how U put it! They put shame on new generation games with better graphichs but the gameplay takes them back 5 years!

StephanieBBB3520d ago

Only problem is that RE5 is not a horror game. It's not scary at all.

RE5 is an arcade shooter. Imagine your super mario with a gun and you have to run around collecting mushrooms/ammo and once you get a handgrenade you get a star.

It's japanese game design at it's shi**yest. I read somewhere back that the game director of RE5 was furious that they went this way with the RE franchise. I would be too. RE 1-3's tention was at a much, much higher level than RE4 and can't even be compared with RE5's gears of war arcade shooter wanna be feeling.

Im a fan of good game design. After that it doesn't matter what franchise it is.

It should had evolved to Walk and gun. And it should have had alot more stuff rethinked too. Still it's a fun game but a very flawed down watered one.

nix3520d ago

not sh!t because... may be WE have a TRUE next gen console.. so MAYBE we want the game to play like a true next gen GAME!...

[pls note: this msg is only targetted towards stupid fanboys who keeps making these stupid comments like "ps3 fanboys are afraid because RE5 is also in 360 and it might be better than 360!" ]

SL1M DADDY3520d ago

Dead Space pleasantly ruined RE5 for me. Capcom needs to fix the issue and since I suspect they won't, RE5 is a rental while Dead Space still sits on my library shelf of games I kept.

Tapewurm3520d ago

The game controls fine and looks great. I have played every true Resident Evil game since the beginning and this one will be just as good as the best of the series. The controls are familiar and the game is what it is. Sure there are a lot of games out there that have controls that are different and arguabley better, but they are not Resident Evil. Dead Space is an awesome game....but it is Dead Space, just as Resident Evil is an awesome series and 5 will be great too, just shut your whining cake-holes and be happy its coming out at all.

badz1493520d ago

maybe you're right! but RE5 is going away from a survival 'horror' game to more a survival 'action' game ala Gears! I'm not complaining about the direction the game is going, but while they're at it, why didn't they just make it control like an action game instead? are they afraid people will say that they're trying to be too much like Gears by doing that? and are they thinking that if they stick with last gen control, people can't see what they did with RE5? guess what, it's too obvious but many seems not to care! but somehow that control scheme ruined the game for many out there!

jammy_703520d ago

and they sucked so bad, so did the camara
also cant move when you shoot lol thats just retarded
make it more like uncharted, gears and MGS4 then we av a good game, controls, camara, though the graphics are good in all the games


whats funny is all this complaining and moaning about the game is because we actually care about it. We actually want the game to succeed, we want it to be awesome. Most of us have been waiting for this game since 2005/2006 when the first trailer was shown... thats a long wait.

and when your let down by something that you have been looking forward to so much of course your going to voice your opinion about it.

there are shooters with poor controls, nobody moans about them because nobody cares. this is a game we care about.

Wolf8733520d ago

The original creator of RE franchise refused to try out this game solely because RE franchise has strayed too far from his original vision. I did not like the controls, but that doesn't means I do not like the overall game, its a minor problem but a minor problem such as this could ruin the game later on. I am a RE fan, but not so much that I would be blinded by my fanboyish dedication to the franchise, sure it looks and plays a like RE-4, but things have changed since then and people have gotten accustomed to new type of controls. What type of controls best suits the player should be left for the players to decide, control scheme should be a choice not forced. They could have given us "Nostalgic System" and "New-Gen System" :) for controls so those who want to play old style can still do so without ruining for those of us who want to play it our style. For those saying its too early to still judge this game, but people here are only judging the controls and Capcom themselves have stated this won't change, so how is it too early to judge?

Furthermore, I find this as a lame excuse to hide their stupidity when they made the decision to implement the old controls, that they did this for sake of nostalgia or to raise tension. Many 3rd shooters these days have done good enough job of raising tension without hindering player movement, Capcom could have slowed down the pace rather than having to force player to stop. If they wanted to keep something old-school, why not return the franchise to what it was before, not 3rd person shooter? Why not make it into a horror game again? Everything seems to be evolving, the virus, the gameplay, the graphics, but for some reason controls remain the same?!

Anyways, I'm hoping they will release a patch to allow gamers like us to play it without frustration, otherwise this game is pure enjoyment, its the controls that may ward off potential buyers.

StarsCream3519d ago

I think the controls are RACIST!....wait, what were we talking about?

ThanatosDMC3519d ago

So true. I wanted this game ever since i saw the first trailers. But now it's just looks and feels dated.

It's also true that Dead Space truly messed up our expectations for RE5.

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BLUR1113520d ago

Is Capcom going to ditch the walk-stop-shoot with an update?

Huh3520d ago

i hate the voice of the girl she sounds so unreal like australian mixed with boston accent what is wrong with them

Llort3520d ago

If turds had analog sticks it would easier to control than RE5.


hahaha bubbles for u!

the only thing that could save re5 is run and gun

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